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1.  Breaking in Holly - Simon Grail

2.  The Urge To Obey - Kimberley Raines

3.  Submission - The Story Of Jane - Terry Wakelin

4.  Bound By Bikers - J.M. Sauvage

5.  Tamara - Terry Wakelin


1.  CUMMING OF AGE - drkfetyshnyghts

2.  Committed Into Slavery - Peter King

3.  Assignment:Africa - James Darwin and Barbara Moore

4.  A Guest Of The Hamiltons - Argus

5.  Restrained - Tor Melati

6.  Flesh Furnishings Part One - Simon Grail

7.  The Orphan And The Billionaire - Argus

8.  Tamara - Terry Wakelin

9.  Flesh Furnishings Part 2 - Simon Grail

10.  Slaves Of The Assyrian Empire - Commander James Bondage

11.  The SIMEON Circus - Simon Grail

12.  Cruel Black Masters - Abel

13.  Submission - The Story Of Jane - Terry Wakelin

14.  Allison's Detention - Argus

15.  Lady Fareton's Journey - Thomas Brynn

16.  The Parson's Wife - Argus

17.  The Initiation - Adam Darrener

18.  Domination - Vashti la Soeur

19.  The Servitude Of Simone - Victor Bruno

20.  Journal Of Discipline And Desire - Book 1 - Laurie Mann


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Bondage/BDSM and Humor

Independent Day

More By This Author

Independent Day

Peter Ernst Graefenberg

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Fem Dom - F/M, Bondage/BDSM and Humor

A story of irony and retribution - The more that Skeeter desires to be an independent man, the deeper he sinks in his dependency, that of being the male in a female led relationship. His story would have never come to light if he hadn't of been caught flashing his bits to a hiking group of righteous church ladies known as the CBT Ladies Axillary of the St. Andrews Cross Bearers Hiking Association. Caught and punished with the birch, he is also sentenced to therapy. These are the extracts from Annie the Therapist's notes.

Ebook Price: $0.99

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Dual Penetration
Level 2 sales

    • Average 3.5 from 6 ratings
      • Well written, building on the world created by "Slaves of the Bermuda
        Triangle" series.  An obvious candidate for sequels.  Lots of good
        characters created here.  Would have rated it a "5" if there could
        have been a bit more focus on what happens to the "Earthy women" once
        they have been brought to the new world a bit more of a graphically. 
        Looking forward to future books in this series.   4 out of 5  (Bigrdr)
      • Extremely low sex-to-other-stuff ratio. Very disappointing.  1 out of
      • Long but enjoyable but needed more coercion which I like.  A good
        compromise of porn and comedy.  I didn't care for the ending but the
        other books in the series may expand on it.  4 out of 5  (Stark47)

More By This Author

There's life beyond the Bermuda Triangle!

Dual Penetration

Jack Norman

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Bondage/BDSM Fantasy, Bondage/BDSM and Humor

Jack Norman blasts back with a brand new, groundbreaking blockbuster in his Bermuda Triangle series.

Slaver Jake Starr plunders and blunders his way across the Earth and his own world, leaving a trail of mayhem behind him. Dr Natalie Carpenter is amongst the beautiful young women who are abducted by Starr to become abject nymphomaniac sex slaves in another harsh and unsophisticated world.

This began when a young genius known simply as the Alchemist - discovered a tear in the fabric of time and space.

Ebook Price: $8.95

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Jack And His Magic Pill

    • Average 3.0 from 2 ratings
      • OK but seemed to lack that something special.  3 out of 5  (Fred)

More By This Author

Jack Wilson discovers a special formula that will turn any woman into a submissive nymphomaniac and give him the greatest time of his life

Jack And His Magic Pill

Shane Roth

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM and Humor, Sex Slavery / Training

Imagine a secret formula that will turn any woman into your own unsatiable sex slave for four hours. A special pill that will turn any man into the world's greatest stud.
But is this too good to be true? And will four hours of hot, mind-blowing sex be long enough?

Ebook Price: $5.95

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Unlimited Exchange Activity

    • Average 3.0 from 2 ratings

More By This Author

Unlimited Exchange Activity

Kathy Britton

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Bondage/BDSM and Humor, Young Adult Bondage/BDSM

Melissa and partner Gary are bored with their timeshare resort. They're also disenchanted with exchanges into other resorts. Then they hear about a timeshare where exchange covers more than destination and accommodation.

At the unique Premier Pleasures Resort, the rules demand swapping of partners, and specialist amenities and equipment are provided for a program of sex and bondage games. This fits with Melissa's new discovery of the thrills of pre-coital CP.

Ebook Price: $7.95

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Brandi & The Rigger

    • Average 3.5 from 2 ratings

More By This Author

Brandi & The Rigger

Shane Roth

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes, Bondage/BDSM and Humor

Brandi Johnson, a beautiful young redhead, suddenly discovers that one of her neighbors, studly Cal Marcus, is an actor who has starred in a bondage movie shot locally in Orlando. One sunny Friday afternoon, while he is out by the pool, Brandi joins him and tells him she owns a copy of the movie he made. He tells her he only made the movie as a favor to a friend and that he usually only does the rigging for his friend's movies. Intrigued, she invites him to her apartment.

Ebook Price: $5.95

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Weekend With The Boss

    • Average 2.5 from 2 ratings
      • very poor witten, not so much of BDSM. No sparks at all. too bad there
        is no refund. totally wasted my $.   2 out of 5  (steve)

More By This Author

Weekend With The Boss

Shane Roth

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM and Humor, Sex Slavery / Training

Lana Sand, tall, black-haired, slender and beautiful, works as an executive for a construction company specializing in high-rises in the Orlando area. She is also a stone bitch, called "Dragon Lady" at the construction site and "Ball-Buster" by her employees in the office. Ross, her right-hand man, is the only person who understands her. He is also the only one Lana trusts. Lana, it seems, feels genuine guilt about being such a nasty bitch and suffers a strong urge to be punished for her actions.

Ebook Price: $6.95

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