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1.  The Orphan And The Billionaire - Argus

2.  Slaves Of The Assyrian Empire - Commander James Bondage

3.  CUMMING OF AGE - drkfetyshnyghts

4.  Claiming Melissa - H. Dean

5.  The Purgatory Trap - 2nd Edition - Simon Grail


1.  CUMMING OF AGE - drkfetyshnyghts

2.  Committed Into Slavery - Peter King

3.  Assignment:Africa - James Darwin and Barbara Moore

4.  Restrained - Tor Melati

5.  A Guest Of The Hamiltons - Argus

6.  Flesh Furnishings Part One - Simon Grail

7.  Flesh Furnishings Part 2 - Simon Grail

8.  Breaking Point - Wilson Trezbone

9.  Tamara - Terry Wakelin

10.  The SIMEON Circus - Simon Grail

11.  Cruel Black Masters - Abel

12.  Contract Of Submission - Wanda Mearer

13.  The Orphan And The Billionaire - Argus

14.  Allison's Detention - Argus

15.  Submission - The Story Of Jane - Terry Wakelin

16.  Slaves Of The Assyrian Empire - Commander James Bondage

17.  Lady Fareton's Journey - Thomas Brynn

18.  The Initiation - Adam Darrener

19.  The Parson's Wife - Argus

20.  Domination - Vashti la Soeur


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Lady Fareton s Fate

More By This Author

Lady Fareton's Fate

Thomas Brynn

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F

Lord Fareton has died and his family suspect his young wife to be responsible for his death. So they set out to capture her in an attempt to get the truth. This they do, but only after many adventures, both sexual and painful!

Eventually the truth is forthcoming, but not before Lady Fareton suffers degradation and suffering at the family's cruel hands.

Ebook Price: $5.95

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Lady Fareton s Journey

More By This Author

Lady Fareton's Journey

Thomas Brynn

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Genres: Male Dom - M/F

Lady Fareton has embarked on a sea journey and safari with her devoted maid, Hetty. In Africa, the entire crew desert them and they are captured by the natives of the area who gleefully subject the two white women to horrendous ordeals! The agony of torturous pleasurings combined with the native oils used to promote helpless sexual activity on the part of the two captives produce orgies of tortured lust!

The Sequel To Lady Fareton's Fate.

Ebook Price: $5.95

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The Centurion s Slaves

    • Average 3.3 from 3 ratings
      • Nice historical setting featuring plenty of punishments and forced
        sex.  Heavy on anal with both sexes as expected for a story about
        Roman slaves.  4 out of 5

More By This Author

The Centurion's Slaves

Thomas Brynn

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F, Historical Bondage/BDSM, Sex Slavery / Training

The Romans in Britain! Violent, merciless, demanding rulers of all. This is the story of Sextus Quintuss Marcellus, Citizen of Rome, commander in the Roman army, sweeping Britain clean of slaves!

The natives, young males and females, are brought into camp to be used by the soldiers, who ‘lesson’ them in obedience with great suffering spiced with cruelty, weals washed in vinegar, pepper salve thrust into body openings before use.

Ebook Price: $6.50

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