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1.  Chloe's Education - Argus

2.  The Slave Hunt - Tessa Kealey

3.  Chloe's Internship - Argus

4.  Chloe's Summer Job - Argus

5.  Hard Time - Diana Philbrick


1.  A Single Shade of Black - Peter King

2.  Sir Henry's Pet - Simon Grail

3.  Hard Time - Diana Philbrick

4.  Chloe's Summer Job - Argus

5.  Chloe's Internship - Argus

6.  Chloe's Education - Argus

7.  The Front Desk Girl - Argus

8.  THROUGH THE EYES OF "Little One" - drkfetyshnyghts

9.  By Judicial Decree 2: Debt Slave - Commander James Bondage

10.  By Judicial Decree - Commander James Bondage

11.  The Shackel's Ranch - W.L. Dowd

12.  TRAINING LIBBY - drkfetyshnyghts

13.  WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND - drkfetyshnyghts

14.  The Slave And The Seashore - Michaela Francis

15.  By Judicial Decree 3: Criminal Law - Commander James Bondage

16.  By Judicial Decree 5: Contract Law - Commander James Bondage

17.  The Shackel's Ranch - Part 2 - W.L. Dowd

18.  Nightmare in White - Simon Grail

19.  Blonde Girl, Black School 3 - Argus


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Titles by ALEX JAMES

Charlotte s Confession
Level 1 sales

    • Average 3.0 from 2 ratings
      • Too light on BDSM, not my cup of tea  2 out of 5  (ss)

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Charlotte's Confession

Alex James

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Sex Slavery / Training, Bondage/BDSM and Romance, Erotic Domination - M/F

Charlotte had it all - looks, money, and an attitude to match. But when she admits her darkest fantasies, she could have no idea quite how much her life would change.

Led deeper and deeper into submission, Charlotte finds her world turned upside down; punished, humiliated, and shared out, Charlotte finds herself sinking further into degradation and servitude with each day.

Ebook Price: $7.95

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Paperback price: $11.70

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Princess in Purgatory
Level 2 sales

    • Average 4.3 from 3 ratings
      • Very good tale and a good follow up to Princess in Chains.  4 out of 5

More By This Author

Princess in Purgatory

Alex James

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Genres: Erotic Domination - M/F, Erotic Domination - F/F, Male Dom - M/F

The concluding part of the story of Princess Elizabeth; following the rebellion by the treacherous Lucius and her capture and enslavement to his evil lover, Caitlyn, Elizabethís privileged life as spoiled heir to the throne was turned upside down as she was stripped of everything she held dear, broken, ringed, and marked as a slave in the very palace she used to call her own.

Ebook Price: $6.95

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Paperback price: $9.10

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Princess In Chains
Level 1 sales

More By This Author

Princess In Chains

Alex James

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F

The Princess Elizabeth wakes up one morning to find that her father has been ousted in a coup and that he has fled. She is left alone to face the vengeance of Lucius; an aristocrat who was kept at the palace to ensure his family's good behaviour. He is determined to spare her none of the humiliations her father put his subjects through and she begins a long and painful journey into a lifetime of abject slavery with no prospect of rescue or pity.

Ebook Price: $5.95

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Paperback price: $10.40

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