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1.  Degrading Lady Adelaide - Abel

2.  The Girl - Argus

3.  Ben-her - Frack Anders

4.  The Duke of Yu's Daughter - Commander James Bondage

5.  The Fall Of Barbaria - Book 1 - Victor Bruno


1.  The Hunting Season - William Avon

2.  TAKEN With Intent 2 - drkfetyshnyghts

3.  The Trophy Wife - Argus

4.  Tied and Tethered - Diana Philbrick

5.  HELL FOR HARRIET - Frack Anders

6.  Milk Bar Punishment - William Avon

7.  Haley Cooper, Pleasure Toy - Argus

8.  Mustang Girls - Paul T Morrisson

9.  TAKEN With Intent - drkfetyshnyghts

10.  Educating Sophie - Farouk

11.  Carnal Possession - Yvonne Strickland

12.  To Train A Queen - Commander James Bondage

13.  Angel Enslaved - Jay Aress

14.  Enslaved By A Starlet - Mark Andrews

15.  The Chronicles Of Rita - Volume 11 - Shadow

16.  The Offering - Adriana Arden

17.  Barbaria - Book 1 - Victor Bruno

18.  The Girl - Argus

19.  The Prodigal And The Purple Lady - Michaela Francis

20.  Barbaria - Book 2 - Victor Bruno


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Titles by ANGUINE

Desert Camp
Level 2 sales

    • Average 3.0 from 1 ratings

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White women suffer at the hands of Arab masters

Desert Camp


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Genres: Male Dom - M/F, HAREMS AND SLAVES

This is the combined edition of Anguine's best selling Desert Camp.

In Part 1, Jodi is captured and sexual tormented at the hands of her new Arab masters. The story takes Jodi and others to the sex slave training camp of Sheik Al'almira. Here the hapless white women are subjected to sexual degradation and severe punishment when they fail to please their masters.

Ebook Price: $6.95

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Paperback price: $12.81

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Memoirs Of The Sex Slaves

    • Average 3.0 from 1 ratings

More By This Author

Memoirs Of The Sex Slaves


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Genres: Bondage/BDSM Anthologies, Interracial Erotica

Anguine's memoirs continue with two experiences of the sex slaves of the slave training camp of Sheik Al'almeira.

Mel and Jodi bring us their individual and very painful experiences at the hands of their Arab captors through Mel's Moment (not to be missed) and Jodi's General (an Arab soldier and a painful exeprience!)

These two short stories contain some very extreme sex with the white women, including the flagellation of waxed breasts until the horsehair whips have completely removed the wax.

WARNING: Not for the feint hearted.

Ebook Price: $3.00

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Roman Lessons - Vol 1

    • Average 5.0 from 1 ratings

More By This Author

Roman Lessons - Vol 1


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Genres: Spanking and Bondage, Bondage/BDSM Short Stories

Professor of Roman studies Haltforth has an eye for the first year undergrad sluts and determines to introduce them to the wonders of the disciplinary techniques he claims come from the time he lectures on.

While preparing for his latest conquest, Haltforth reminisces on the time he introduced a fresh, young thing to the diladinarius - a strange Roman object that causes women great pleasure.

This may be a short story but it is filled with bondage, spanking, discipline and much, much more. Anguine brings us a refreshing short story - one of many from his legacy.

Ebook Price: $3.00

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