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1.  Pamela's Odyssey - Jack Scranton

2.  Breaking in Holly - Simon Grail

3.  The Master Investigator - Wilson Trezbone

4.  Shameful Education - Morgan Tyler

5.  DEVASTATION 3 - THE BREEDING - drkfetyshnyghts


1.  CUMMING OF AGE - drkfetyshnyghts

2.  Committed Into Slavery - Peter King

3.  Assignment:Africa - James Darwin and Barbara Moore

4.  A Guest Of The Hamiltons - Argus

5.  Restrained - Tor Melati

6.  Flesh Furnishings Part One - Simon Grail

7.  Tamara - Terry Wakelin

8.  Flesh Furnishings Part 2 - Simon Grail

9.  The Orphan And The Billionaire - Argus

10.  Slaves Of The Assyrian Empire - Commander James Bondage

11.  The SIMEON Circus - Simon Grail

12.  Cruel Black Masters - Abel

13.  Submission - The Story Of Jane - Terry Wakelin

14.  Allison's Detention - Argus

15.  The Parson's Wife - Argus

16.  The Initiation - Adam Darrener

17.  Lady Fareton's Journey - Thomas Brynn

18.  Domination - Vashti la Soeur

19.  The Servitude Of Simone - Victor Bruno

20.  Journal Of Discipline And Desire - Book 1 - Laurie Mann


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The Suspended Trespasser
Level 1 sales

    • Average 3.5 from 4 ratings
      • Interesting and exciting story.   4 out of 5
      • Good stuff, highly enjoyable.  4 out of 5

More By This Author

The Suspended Trespasser

Simon Grail

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Sado-Masochism (SM), Spanking and Bondage

A walk in the woods to cool down after a row with her partner had undreamed of consequences for Amanda. Soon she found herself hanging helplessly upside-down from a rope noose bargaining for her freedom with a man who employed unusual means of punishing trespassers. His terms were humiliating and degrading. Dare she accept them?

Ebook Price: $1.50

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Breakheart Hall
Level 2 sales

    • Average 4.0 from 7 ratings
      • I find this author a bit hit & miss for my tastes but this is one of
        his bests.  5 out of 5
      • I give it a four but just barely. Two things I like about this book
        are how the mother and daughter at the end reveal to each other how
        slutty and submissive they both are and how they are more than happy
        to give themselves over to a master willing to use both of them. Other
        thing is Grail's play of words when describing a woman's body parts.
        Still It did'nt reach high enough but was ok.  4 out of 5  (Mr
      • perfect drive, one of his best books  5 out of 5  (Thomas)

More By This Author

Breakheart Hall

Simon Grail

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Sex Slavery / Training, Sado-Masochism (SM)

Desperate to earn money to help support her loving mother Sarah, eighteen year old Clare Reed takes a job at Breakheart Hall with the masterful Lucas Tolliver. After passing an obscenely perverse job interview she finds her duties, like those of the other women Tolliver employs, are to serve as a sexual slave for the entertainment of his family and the wealthy attendees of the many conferences and seminars the Hall hosts. Clare is both repulsed and darkly excited by the intimate acts she has to perform and the humiliation she suffers.

Ebook Price: $7.95

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Paperback price: $11.19

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The M.i.l.f. Experiments
Level 4 sales

    • Average 4.0 from 11 ratings
      • I have to recommend this book. It makes for good bdsm smut. Young
        geeky studs defile older but beautiful women in imaginitive and
        humiliating ways. At first they are blackmailed into surrendering
        their bodies, by its end they welcome it.  4 out of 5  (Mr pushups)
      • One of Grail's better efforts. It was hot and sexy. Better yet,
        characters and a plot.  4 out of 5  (innconnu)
      • Excellent, well written and up to the author's usual standard  4 out
        of 5
      • Good story. Good theme. Some interesting twists and turns. I liked it.
        Well done.  5 out of 5  (fred)

More By This Author

The M.i.l.f. Experiments

Simon Grail

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Bondage/BDSM Fetishes, Sex Slavery / Training

Three wealthy and attractive women in their late thirties come under the power of three 18 year old male nerds who have evidence that the women’s sons committed a serious crime against them.

To keep them quiet, and to satify their desire for revenge, the woman have to volunteer to take part in the boy’s secret summer holiday experiment, entitled: “An investigation into the sexual responses of mature women to situations of confinement, stimulation and humiliation.”

Soon the women are being stripped, strapped down and tested in the name of science.

Ebook Price: $7.50

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Willing Torment
Level 3 sales

    • Average 4.1 from 9 ratings
      • Excellent read, creative, great supriseing ending-let my perverted
        sense of humor run wild!  5 out of 5  (tu)
      • Good but not quite up to his usual standard.  3 out of 5
      • I found the story enjoyable  3 out of 5  (rubberdol)
      • I'm not one for the whole mechanical torment thing. It either gets
        boring or outlandish. Grail chose the later or this piece. It was,
        however entertaining.   4 out of 5  (innconnu79)

More By This Author

Willing Torment

Simon Grail

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Sex Slavery / Training, Spanking and Bondage

Sebastian Creed was dead, and five lovely young women who once worked for him but hated his private perverted lifestyle are summoned to his former home to learn of a strange bequest in his will. They will each receive half a million pounds if they consent to play the part of naked slaves for a week, enduring bondage, beatings and sexual humiliations, administered by a computer with the personality of their former employer and its team of formidably equipped robots. If they refuse to participate they risk their future careers.

Ebook Price: $7.50

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Paperback price: $11.19

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The Checkpoint

    • Average 4.2 from 8 ratings
      • Very good story of mental and physical discipline of girls falsely
        accused of crimes and then used for the tourist trade. Definitely
        worth reading..enjoy the imaginative way of watering a garden!  4 out
        of 5  (Eljay)
      • Great book, excellent. Up to the author's best.  5 out of 5

More By This Author

Rachel will be broken in this fast-paced novel from Simon Grail

The Checkpoint

Simon Grail

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Click Here For All Books In This Series

Genres: Male Dom - M/F

Poor Rachel, a privileged middle-class anglo vacationer, is caught at the borders of Borovia with what appear to be terrorist information and contraband. She cannot prove her innocence, save by accepting the "old law" which allows her to prove it by enduring being broken.

And broken she will be...

Ebook Price: $7.45

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Paperback price: $11.19

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