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1.  Captured by Barbary Pirates! - James Darwin and Barbara Moore

2.  Ponygirls at Work - Simon Grail

3.  The New World - Diana Philbrick

4.  The Swimsuit Saga - Anonymous

5.  BLACK OWNED - drkfetyshnyghts


1.  BLACK OWNED - drkfetyshnyghts

2.  By Judicial Decree 11: Negotiable Instrument - Commander James Bondage

3.  Enslaved by the Rebel Army Part One - Tor Melati

4.  Making a Pony-girl Part Three - Final Part - Tor Melati

5.  Working For The Lees - Argus

6.  Nightmare in Diamond - Simon Grail

7.  Captured by Barbary Pirates! - James Darwin and Barbara Moore

8.  The Twin Submissives - Argus

9.  Nightmare In... Collection One - Simon Grail

10.  Jenny Polo Book 3: Hell in Hollow Earth - Adriana Arden

11.  Making a Pony-girl Part One - Tor Melati

12.  Miranda's Week Of Submission - Argus

13.  Making a Pony-girl Part Two - Tor Melati

14.  The Swimsuit Saga - Anonymous

15.  Ponygirls at Work - Simon Grail

16.  Super-Hot - Diana Philbrick

17.  The Chronicles Of Rita - Volume 8 - Shadow

18.  The Degenerate - Anonymous


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Hope Farm - The Ponygirl Diaries Book 1

    • Average 3.6 from 11 ratings
      • I liked this story but some of the scenes could have been better
        described and in places it felt a bit `samey`. If this is to develop
        into a series the author needs to pay more attention to detail in
        places and add more variation to the storyline.  3 out of 5  (hardman)
      • Depth of imagination and the word painted picture more than make up
        for any inadequacies in this dark, intense tale.  5 out of 5 
      • Very hard but well written.  5 out of 5
      • The story is good, but there is too much talk and too little action
        for such a small book.  At 37 pages it is less than half the size of a
        normal book.  If volumes 1 and 2 were combined the result would almost
        be a good value.  The author needs to learn how and when to use
        commas.  3 out of 5  (Sir Kaiser)
      • Boring...not interesting  1 out of 5  (Chicago)

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Hope Farm - The Ponygirl Diaries Book 1


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Genres: Fem Dom - F/F, Sado-Masochism (SM)

When her younger sister Maisie goes missing, Melissa begins a six month search for her, but she comes up with nothing. No leads, not even a hint as to where Maisie has gone, or why. Then out of the blue a mysterious break-through. A lead, a solid lead that she must follow. Beginning at a fetish party in the burbs, and leading to the secluded Hope Farm the mystery, and horror unfolds. Maybe, just maybe it would have been better if Melissa hadn't chosen to follow the lead. With hindsight, maybe just maybe she should have just let her sister go.

Ebook Price: $6.95

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Blonde & Brunette

    • Average 4.1 from 7 ratings
      • If any guys out there ever doubted the power of Woman over man, read
        this and weep. Truly chilling - one actually feels sorry for Simon.
        Kind of.  5 out of 5  (RSSH)
      • Not bad, entertaining and even occasionally funny, some good
        descriptive passages although just about all the paragraphs were too
        long - i felt almost breathless by the time i got to the end of every
        paragraph, a good thing when you are reaching/have reached the
        denouement but not for an entire novel because, if you're not careful,
        you'll hyperventilate yourself into a blackout. 
        Poor Simon!  3 out of 5
      • Good read.  4 out of 5

More By This Author

Blonde & Brunette


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Genres: Fem Dom - F/M

Simon had been successful in life. A huge career and a privileged life. Unfortunately for him, success and privilege also brought arrogance. That is arrogance to a point of abuse of the women he could pick up, seemingly with he click of his well manicured fingers. In short he treated women like shit. Then he met the Blonde and the Brunette; seemingly a double act who were looking for a sexual encounter in a different part of the city, where they wouldn't be known. One that they, and he could just walk away from. Just a bit of fun. At least that's what it looked like.

Ebook Price: $6.95

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