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1.  Chloe's Education - Argus

2.  The Slave Hunt - Tessa Kealey

3.  Chloe's Internship - Argus

4.  Chloe's Summer Job - Argus

5.  Hard Time - Diana Philbrick


1.  A Single Shade of Black - Peter King

2.  Sir Henry's Pet - Simon Grail

3.  Hard Time - Diana Philbrick

4.  Chloe's Summer Job - Argus

5.  Chloe's Internship - Argus

6.  Chloe's Education - Argus

7.  The Front Desk Girl - Argus

8.  THROUGH THE EYES OF "Little One" - drkfetyshnyghts

9.  By Judicial Decree 2: Debt Slave - Commander James Bondage

10.  By Judicial Decree - Commander James Bondage

11.  The Shackel's Ranch - W.L. Dowd

12.  TRAINING LIBBY - drkfetyshnyghts

13.  WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND - drkfetyshnyghts

14.  The Slave And The Seashore - Michaela Francis

15.  By Judicial Decree 3: Criminal Law - Commander James Bondage

16.  By Judicial Decree 5: Contract Law - Commander James Bondage

17.  The Shackel's Ranch - Part 2 - W.L. Dowd

18.  Nightmare in White - Simon Grail

19.  Blonde Girl, Black School 3 - Argus


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Sweet Submission
Level 1 sales

    • Average 4.0 from 1 ratings
      • Long tale but mostly original Anderssen  4 out of 5  (brum)

More By This Author

Another erotic thriller from the pen of Lia Anderssen

Sweet Submission

Lia Anderssen

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Sado-Masochism (SM)

Laura Spender is a beautiful young innocent living in her guardian's mansion. She is bored. That is until the scheming housekeeper, Cassandra introduces her to the pleasures and perils of the flesh. Through varying stages of bondage, corporal punishment and exhibitionism, Laura discovers a latent masochism she never knew existed.

Ebook Price: $8.95

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Pirate s Slave
Level 3 sales

    • Average 3.8 from 8 ratings
      • Well up to stadard for this author - has plenty of range  5 out of 5 
      • An excellent example of this author's style.  4 out of 5
      • Relatively weak  3 out of 5  (Ruthy)

More By This Author

An innocent young maid, captured and used by uncaring buccaneers

Pirate's Slave

Lia Anderssen

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Sex Slavery / Training, Bondage/BDSM Thrillers

Lovely Erica is stranded in a country where lust knows no bounds. Desperate to escape, she finds herself trading her firm, luscious body to men who will pay to use it. Her efforts are foiled, however when she is captured and taken aboard a ship crewed by sex hungry pirates. Beaten, humiliated and used by these men, she sinks into a world of masochistic desire.

Ebook Price: $9.00

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Enslaved And Debased
Level 1 sales

    • Average 4.0 from 2 ratings
      • Brilliant story by Lia look forward for more a sequel would be good  5
        out of 5  (Chazy)

More By This Author

Enslaved And Debased

Lia Anderssen

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F

The author of Biker's girl etc lets himself go in a long erotic domination adventure for the internet only. Crying softly, she slid the small white pants down and let them drop to her ankles. Then she straightened, her hands at her sides. The men whistled and cheered as they ogled her nudity, jostling for position. As the pretty, naked girl stepped out of the pants, a hand reached and snatched them away.

Ebook Price: $7.00

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The Training Of Samantha

    • Average 3.5 from 4 ratings

More By This Author

The Training Of Samantha

Lia Anderssen

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F, Spanking and Bondage

Samantha, a sweet and innocent young girl, is accused of drug smuggling in a third world country. Realising she faces imprisonment she accepts sexual slavery as an alternative.

Naked and controlled by a cruel master she learns how to give herself, body and soul, to her captors, who whip her and use her at will.

As she goes deeper and deeper into this brutal and degrading way of life she begins to surrender to deeply hidden desires until she realises that she is a wanton masochist. A slave to her own desires.

Ebook Price: $8.50

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