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After Janice Volume 2
2nd Edition 
(Alec Anaconda)

After Janice Volume 2 <br>2nd Edition by Alec Anaconda


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    • Average 5.0 from 2 ratings

In this powerful conclusion to After Janice, the story thunders on in an orgy of different directions. This 2nd edition is fully reworded and edited.

There is female domination of men and women, erotic mixed nude mud wrestling and forced fucking of one unwilling man by numerous female wrestlers who gang up against him.

Whether you enjoy mixed species sex, protracted restraint with hair or bandages, the appeal of fur, face sitting, a nutcracker or Chinese water torture, there it plenty of novelty.

Find new uses for a two-foot springy wooden ruler, horizontal full body stocks, pearls, conkers, a pine branch, sardines in olive oil and an amassing use for holly at the Christmas party.

Play sadomasochistic chess; enjoy the bird pecking and rotational intercourse. Share the male pink apron humiliation and the catfights.

Explore Russian, Italian, Greek, French and pit job forms of outercourse. Sympathise with a different ball game in the warm pool and in icy, fast running water.

There is even a surreal psychedelic chapter with a cameo appearance by the author.

This novel finishes with all the threads joining up to form an explosive, surprising ending, finally resolving the previously unanswered questions.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 01 / 2008

No. words: 44600

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Sado-Masochism (SM), Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  PDF  MS Reader  

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Sebastian wakes Sparky with a yell.
“Come and look! Look what I’ve caught!” They rush to his dam, where Sebastian lifts a large flat stone from the top of his newly constructed trap. There are five rabbits, which stop contentedly munching as he disturbs them in the bottom of the stone lined hole. A large one fucks a smaller one, despite their danger. It’s over in seconds. Sparky hugs and praises him.
“Well done sir! Well done indeed! Kill the males then release the baby and female on the other side of the stream.” Sebastian falls silent and glum, then stares at the ground and shuffles his feet.
“Spit it out, Sebastian.”
“I can’t do it. They are far too cute.”
“Go get a sack. Would you kill them if I was starving?”
“I hope so,” he mumbles.
Sparky holds the sack open as Sebastian picks up each of the three bucks by the scruff of the neck and places them in the sack. He positions the baby and doe on top of his dam and lets these lucky creatures bolt away. Sebastian tells her of his vision of Pan then explains that a creature crossing the dam has no choice but to slide into his trap or to go back over the dam.
By the pool, Sparky presents the sack of male rabbits to Veronica. Most people have gathered here by sunrise, but no fire has been lit nor nettles picked. Sparky dispatches almost all of the residents to work with Suzanna, promising to summon them when hot drinks are ready. Hazel is instructed to retrieve the bells she used when chief wood provider.
Belinda arrives with great bunches of nettles, looking swamped by Caroline’s leather apron. She is young, petite and attractive, but painfully thin. Belinda gives the impression of having her mind in some other place as she lights a fire under a pot of water. With long blond hair, boots, elbow length gloves and apron strings, her body makes an oddly erotic view from the rear. Sparky watches as Belinda prepares the nettle tea and starts another fire for today’s stew.
“Are you scared of nettles, Belinda?” asks Sparky.
“Heavens no, Sparky! At the right time and place, of course.”
“What do you do?”
“I was head of kitchen staff until Janice left, but now I’m cooks skivvy.”
“Do you do this every morning? Did you reinvent nettle tea?”
“Yes and yes,” replies Belinda, handing Sparky a mug of the brew.
Hazel returns with the bells. She asks Sparky,
“What do you want me to do?”
“What would you like to do?”
“Spend all day by the pool, eating fruit cake, drinking Cinzano Bianco and fucking young men. What I should do is cut wood for cooking and wood to restock the woodshed. But I only have a two woman saw.”
“I have a new assistant for you. Work her hard; punish her when she is lazy. Please will you go and wake Caroline then tell her I want to see her?” requests Sparky.
Sparky observes Belinda for a while then approaches her and states,
“Belinda, you are dismissed as head of kitchen staff.” Belinda opens her mouth wide.
“Congratulations on your new position as cook!” exclaims Sparky.
Sparky struggles for breath as Belinda hugs her. Sparky pulls away, but Belinda grabs Sparky again to kiss her lips with passion.
“Down, Belinda. Back on your head, girl!” However, Belinda is ecstatic at her promotion and overjoyed to have Caroline metaphorically removed from her shoulders.
Belinda ignores Sparky’s instructions and continues to snog her new leader. Sparky struggles to push her attacker away but Belinda sticks like a limpet. This is somewhat of a concern for Sparky; she knows Belinda is only overcome with joy but this state of affairs could appear as defiance to the few onlookers. Sparky puts her hands upon Belinda’s breasts then sinks her nails most viciously into Belinda’s nipples.
Rather than Belinda backing away, Sparky feels Belinda’s hands move to her labia and hold them in a most tantalisingly soft grip. Sparky pulls her lips from Belinda’s mouth to order,
“Let go of me and get back to your work!” but receives the reply,
“You are such a tease, Sparky. Firstly, you ask me if I like nettles and now you are pinching the tips of my mammary glands. People will consider you are as cruel as Janice if you stop now.” With those words, Belinda crushes her nails into Sparky’s cunt lips and starts to kiss her again.
Sparky copies Belinda’s move as she ponders on her dilemma; as leader, she must be obeyed but she most certainly does not wish to appear straight-laced and dictatorial. Loudly, so that her audience can hear, Sparky orders,
“I want cunt slapping followed by sixty-nine with nipple twisting.”
“In that case, we will. After you,” Belinda responds, releasing Sparky and leaning over a chair to present her vulva. Sparky slaps Belinda’s cunt twenty times then reverses their positions to receive twenty slaps on her vulva. Twice more they perform this splendid spanking ritual.
Afterwards mouth-lips kiss red stinging cunt lips to produce far too many orgasms, as brown nipples turn red. Sparky and Belinda lick and torture each other to erotic heights while everybody else is working hard in the sun. Belinda shows no sign of becoming fully satisfied but Sparky is beginning to feel that they are becoming sexually overindulgent.


This last volume powers the story to a beautiful satisfying climax. I’m amazed that Anaconda has packed in so many brilliant and arousing new ideas. The pace left me breathless, as the author’s imagination took me to new, unforeseen places. 5 out of 5 (BlueBalls)

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