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After Janice Volume 1
2nd Edition 
(Alec Anaconda)

After Janice Volume 1<br>2nd Edition by Alec Anaconda


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    • Average 5.0 from 2 ratings

Pain enthusiasts will enjoy this, the first part of the sequel to the highly acclaimed SLAVES OF JANICE. This 2nd Edition is fully reworded and edited.

The departure of dominatrix Janice leaves a power vacuum, which is played out to a background of a critical struggle for survival. Competition is no longer a contrivance at Janice’s whim, but a battle for life’s little luxuries such as food and sex.

Some of the previous characters take centre stage, such as the masochist Sparky who reluctantly takes a slave to further her ambitions; other characters wait in the wings until part two.

Although this is a searing FemDom story with dark and poignant moments, some of the action is consensual SM but still tough, fast and agonizing with the sheer joy of the participants apparent.

More sexual-labelling paradoxes are explored, as are group encounters; some mixed, others single sex. You will not find proper gay action, serious injury or blood in this book, but there’s plenty of terror, CBT, CT, NT, anal and lots of oral along with ants, nettles, bees and ovary torture for the more curious.

More hard stuff indeed from Anaconda - a pain specialist.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 01 / 2008

No. words: 33700

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Sado-Masochism (SM), Bondage/BDSM Fantasy

Available Formats: Palm  PDF  MS Reader  

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Sparky and Sebastian eat the simple meal she has prepared. He tells her everything about Rebecca, expecting Sparky to be annoyed.
“Rebecca rubbing salve into my slave was inappropriate, but you did well. Thanks for keeping my secret. However, I think that absolute rest might be the best treatment for your cock,” Sparky advises.
She wanders off for her ablutions. Then returns with the keys and unlocks his padlock.
“That was remarkably fast,” he remarks.
“Fruit does that to me. Slaves must not remark on their mistress’ bowel rhythms,” Sparky replies with a look that could boil an egg.
As the sky darkens, they lie silently watching the distant flames shooting up from Ben’s home and observe sparks drifting high into the air, dimming and glowing at the whim of the updrafts.
“Sparky, I do miss Guy Fawkes night, with the bonfires and pyrotechnics. But I think that I made a gigantic mistake, putting fruit on their fire.”
“Let’s hope the blaze doesn’t spread. Maybe I should not have put you in a padlock. Perhaps I was also wrong about the treatment for your erection. What do you think?”
“Slaves do not make decisions. They obey orders.”
“OK, Sebastian. I order you take charge of me until moonrise. To use my body as you wish; pleasure me, hurt me or ignore me. Use your battered and swollen cock in any part of my body, or not at all. Treat me as your toy. You have made many choices today. Burning down their home may disguise your theft and so prevent Ben from hunting you down and killing you. Who knows?”
“Do you want a safe-word, Sparky?”
“Don’t be stupid. Where’s the fun in that?” she asks rhetorically.
Sebastian lays her spread-eagled on a flat grassy area. He fixes her thumbs and big toes to the ground with string and tent pegs, and then warms her up with his three-sixty degree nipple and cunt twist squeeze technique. Sebastian heats her further with the wax from his candle, allowing the drips to fall on her nipples and on her clitoris. He watches the hot wax dribble down her labia.
“Can you do deep throat, Slave?” Sebastian asks.
“No. Sorry, but it makes me choke,” she replies, already questioning the wisdom of her actions.
Sebastian ambles off, just as he sees that she is ready for her first climax. On his return, Sparky asks,
“Where have you been?”
“You should not ask. I have been heating seven branding irons. So sorry that I have such a long name.”
“I do hope that you are joking!” Sebastian kneels above her. He lets his cock descend an inch into her mouth.
“Lick harder bitch!” he commands with a tremendous slap to her vulva.
Sparky starts to speculate if she has unleashed more than she can handle, as she feels a banana being forced into her rectum. Then one into her vagina. She gasps as a second banana enters her cunt. Sparky feels so impossibly full. Sebastian proceeds to move his cock slowly up and down in her mouth. He is moving imperceptible lower each time. She splutters, so he slaps her cunt with his full stinging power.
Sebastian descends deeper into her mouth, just entering her throat. Sparky knows her cough will make him reward her with a cunt-slap. She bucks upward as the blow lands; too hard, too painful. He forces in a third banana. Her vagina is bursting; it’s too tight by far.
Six sharp cunt-slaps land on her cunt like machinegun bullets. Sparky screams. Sebastian rams his cock deep into her throat, in, then only out a little. He is throat fucking her. She struggles for breath, chokes and is rewarded with slaps, as she anticipates. She thinks,
“What the hell have I done? My slave is going to kill me!” Sparky senses he is near to losing his self-control. Sebastian is speeding up; slapping her cunt with less precision and random timing. Sparky feels her vagina gripping and crushing the bananas. She feels him pulling out as far as her lips. Then ramming down hard, straight into her throat, with his balls bashing her nose.
As Sparky feels the crushed banana running down over her anus, her orgasm hits her. Sparky lifts her head to meet his downward strokes. She crushes his balls with her nose and cheeks. Sebastian speeds up, groans as he forces her ball-crushing face back down. Her head compresses the ground beneath.
Sparky peaks and crushed bananas fly out. His fist takes their place. He spurts repeatedly, some deep in her throat, some in her mouth. Sebastian rips the wax from her clit and tongues her viciously. He rams his fist in and out. Then Sebastian twists his fist. She comes again and sucks hard on his cock. Sparky thrashes and bucks.
As she slowly relaxes, Sebastian withdraws his still erect cock from her mouth and stands over her. Sparky whispers
“Thank you, Sebastian. If that doesn’t fix your hard-on, I give up.”
“Address me as master! I will say when you submit. I’ve not branded you yet.”
“Yes, master. The moon is rising, master,” counsels Sparky.
Nevertheless, Sebastian lies gently upon her, enters her vagina, holds her head and fixes his lips over hers. He fucks her softly and conventionally in the missionary manner. Both come again, softly at first but building to their previous passion. Once both are fully relaxed, he releases her head. Sebastian removes his lips from hers. Sparky speaks as he withdraws his erect penis.
“That was very romantic, thank you master. The moon is clearly visible, master.”
“Wait here while I fetch the branding irons, inferior bitch slave!” he commands.
Sparky panics as he walks away. She thrashes around to try to get free. Sparky hears frightening metallic noises. She smells an unknown aroma. Is it hot iron? Sparky hears Sebastian returning and farts out her anal banana. Sparky screams and laughs, both at the same time.
“For god’s sake, please don’t burn me, master!”


This story both moved me to tears and made me laugh aloud. I loved the bitter sweat romances and the moments of intense irony, especially the box of useless gold bars. It was amazing how quickly free people became slaves and dominators. On my second reading, I noticed how subtly a daydream achieved reality and the difficulties of restricted communication. This is an exceptionally good, sexual adventure tale. 5 out of 5 (JackOff)

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