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1.  THE COLLECTION - drkfetyshnyghts


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Acts Of Obedience (Robert Newman)

Acts Of Obedience by Robert Newman


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    • Average 4.7 from 3 ratings

It all started innocently enough, at an amateur theatre group who were staging a play. Carl found that the scene where he had to tie Emma up had an enormous effect on him. It affected Emma too, but neither realised the other’s longings. Once the play was over, both were left with a sense of lack. It took a friend to catalyse them into action, a friend who loaned them the use of her house to act out their blossoming master/slave relationship, but could not remain unaffected herself as she listened to the moans and screams coming from her own spare bedroom, until she, perhaps inevitably, would become gradually involved…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 06 / 2005

No. words: 32000

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: PDF  MS Reader  


Neither of them had any idea how long it had taken her to suck him off. Certainly it was longer than either had imagined because their coffee was stone cold.
“Sorry, master,” Emma giggled. “Your coffee’s gone cold. Does that mean I get punished?”
He noticed the wicked grin playing on her face. She wanted it, the little slut. Power surged through him again.
“Bend over the table,” he told her sternly. It was a bit of an act, but that was OK, games and real life can interleave quite successfully. She broke free from his grasp and did as she was told, moving to the circular pine table and stretching across it so her hands were gripping the rim at the far side. She looked over her shoulder at him. His face was slightly tense, flushed with excitement. He was taking off his jacket, hanging it over the kitchen chair nearest him. Then he was unbuckling a rather wide black leather belt. She heard the slight swish as he pulled it from the belt loops, and turned her face away from him to await her fate.
Carl looked down at her sexy bottom encased in the black skirt. He doubled the belt and brought it down sharply across her buttocks. She yelped and stood up, her hands going to her cheeks.
“Did I hurt you?” His voice betrayed concern.
“Yes,” she replied. “Do it again, please.” She bent over again and he hit her again, with the same result. He told her that this would take ages if she kept standing and covering her ass with her hands, to which she coquettishly replied, “Maybe you should tie me down.”
So that’s what she was after. “Sexy bitch,” he growled at her. If she’d been a cat, she’d have been purring. He looked around for something to use to tie her. He had his tie on, so could use that, but wanted more. He unfastened his tie as he thought. “Any ideas?” he asked her when she looked back at him again.
She suggested she could go upstairs and get some of Lee’s ties. Before she went, he had more orders. “Take off the blouse,” he told her. She cast a nervous glance towards the kitchen window to find out if anyone could see in. The teenager’s window at the back was at the wrong angle, so it looked safe enough. She pulled the blouse from the waistband of her skirt and reached for the bottom button. She did it slowly, feeling like a striptease artist as she gradually revealed more and more.
Carl was enjoying her impromptu routine. There was something about that blouse, the way he could see what was beneath it made its gradual revelation even more exciting. She stopped when it was undone, allowing it to rest against her breasts, the stark contrast between the black of the blouse and the paleness of the vertical strip of skin the gap revealed being broken only by the thin strip of cloth joining her bra cups.
“Take it off, I said.” He tried to put menace in the voice, as if refusal to do so would bring swift retribution. She reached up and slipped the blouse off her left shoulder, then used the other hand to slip it off the right, letting it rustle down her arms and fall silently to the floor. She stood like a slave at a market, ready for her master’s inspection.
“Now the skirt.” He was eager to see her dressed just in her underwear. She reached to her side and unhooked the skirt, drawing down the zip and holding it in her left hand as it slid down her thighs, holding it as she lifted one leg, then the other, to step out of it. Carl let a gasp of air escape from his lips. She looked gorgeous. How could he be so lucky as to have this beautiful woman to use as he wished? He pulled himself together, stuffed his full erection back in his trousers and zipped up.
“The ties?” he reminded her. She draped the skirt over the back of the chair and he watched as she walked towards the kitchen door. The thong appeared to end half way down between her buttocks, hidden by their symmetry. All of a sudden he developed an interest in anal sex.
Then she was gone. He put the kettle on again for fresh coffee - he noticed his mouth had gone very dry.
Emma climbed the stairs and went into her bedroom. She was glad the curtains were still drawn, so the youth opposite wouldn’t be able to see. She opened Lee’s wardrobe - it felt odd, yet exciting, to be selecting ties which in a few minutes would be holding her helpless - almost like digging her own grave. She selected six older ones - she had no idea how many he would want - and returned downstairs.
He was just pouring the coffee when she arrived. She held the ties behind her back and handed them to him as she reached him, then - without being asked - resumed her position across the table. She felt very wicked, she knew just how revealing the thong was and could feel it cutting into the crease between her buttocks. Her legs were tensed as she stood, adding to the sexy shape of her calves, accentuated by her heels. Carl put down the coffee mugs and moved to her head. His erection still pressed against the cloth and he thought about using her mouth again, but he really wanted to tie her and beat her, so he forced himself to concentrate.
He took one tie and wrapped it three times round her right wrist before he tied it in a knot, checking it was not restricting her circulation. He pulled it over the edge of the table and tied the other end to the table leg. Next he did the same with her left hand until she was stretched across the table top in a Y shape.
“Comfy?” he asked her. She just smiled.
He moved round to the other side of the table, carrying the remaining ties. Her position meant she could not raise her head sufficiently to watch him. She sensed him crouch down moments before she felt another tie encircling her right ankle. Carl tied it round as he had done her wrists before pulling her leg to the side and securing it to the table leg. She’d kept her legs together as she’d bent over the table as some last vestige of pointless modesty, but his action had denied her that. She knew what was next. Her left leg soon mirrored the right, and apart from the minuscule covering offered by her thong, she was open and exposed to him. She felt his eyes on her, and she felt herself blush.
There would be no straightening up now. No covering her buttocks with her hands. He was walking round to her head again, crouching down to talk to her.
“How many d’you think you deserve?” he asked her, a grin playing on his face.
That was OK, she could play games too. “None, I’ve been a good girl,” she pouted.
“That’s an extra five for lying,” he countered.
“Five!?” How many lashes was he planning to give her?
“And that’s another three for reacting. That makes twelve in all.”
He stood and picked up the belt from the worktop, doubling it and moving to her left.
“Ready?” he asked. Emma nodded.
Carl brought the belt down hard on her bottom, causing her to yelp and tug at her bonds. It hurt. It was as hard as she wanted. The next was harder. Carl stopped to admire the two red stripes he had caused on her cheeks. He wondered whether he had done it too hard or not hard enough. Not being on the receiving end, he had no way of knowing.
“I have to ask, Emma. I’m not doing it too hard, am I?”
“I told you before, take, don’t ask. Sure it hurts, but you want to hurt me, don’t you? Honestly?”
He was honest. “Yes, I do. I want to hurt you.”
“So hurt me, do it till I cry out.”
“I can’t, Emma. I have to know if I go too far.”
“I’ll let you know if you do, master,” she replied. “But I want you to hurt me.”
He straightened again, bringing the belt down hard. Emma yelped. Again. Harder. Another yelp. This time it was tinged with an erotic gasp. Carl put the belt down and reached for another tie. He went to her head again, placing the tie between her lips and tying it round the back of her head.
“Raise two fingers if you want me to stop, OK?” he asked, and she grunted a “yes”.
Emma never raised her fingers. She accepted the increasingly-severe lashing with declining protest and mounting excitement. She pulled at her bonds, trying to escape - not because she wanted to escape but because she wanted constant reminders of the fact that she couldn’t. When he’d finished, he threw down the belt, pulling his clothes off in a rush to take her. If she could have spoken, she would have been saying, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” but the words came out as a gagged series of mumbles. But Carl knew what they meant. For some things words are unimportant.
When he was naked, he stood between her thighs, pulling the thong to one side to completely expose her. Foreplay - to the extent she needed it for lubrication - was unnecessary. She was soaked. He had to bend his legs slightly to get the right level, but slid his cock smoothly into her. Despite his earlier climax he was incapable of holding back. He had to thrust into her. He had to do it with power, had to take. It wasn’t lovemaking, it was fucking. It was what they both needed. Emma felt him pounding into her as her head rocked against the table top. She felt her climax starting and screamed his name against the gag. She was his. Maybe only for today, or for snatched moments, but she was his.
“Mmmm, mmm, mhhh,” told him how she felt as he pumped his spunk inside her, though she wasn’t sure when she said it whether he knew what she’d said. She told him later, though, when he’d untied her and they’d made a third coffee and sat together on the sofa together. She told him with a smile on her face. She wanted him and nothing else mattered.


Relly good story, we could do with more like this 5 out of 5 (girlyboy46)

Great story of consensual but real (and realistic) bondage and punishment. Great characters and plot. 5 out of 5 (JS)

Author Information

I'm a publlished mainstream author who also lives the BDSM lifestyle. It makes life very interesting, especially when people ask for advice they assume I have. Which suits me just fine!

This allows me to base many of my stories and books directly on real life, with the participants' names changed or disguised for their protection.


Publisher Information

Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres.

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