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Another Girl, Another Slave (James Stevens)

Another Girl, Another Slave by James Stevens


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    • Average 3.6 from 8 ratings

The sadistic Master Jenkins continues to abuse and torture Katie and Rosie, the sisters who were his two newest slaves. Once he is certain they are totally obedient, he takes them to meet his good friend, Sir Paul. On the way to meet him, they come across a loudmouth young American woman badmouthing the “new” British way of life.

Master Jenkins decides to teach her the error of her ways and takes her with him to meet Sir Paul. The hapless American is stripped, spanked and tortured into submission, much to the enjoyment of the two men. Before the day is out, she has a decision to make..... Will she beg to be allowed to become a slave?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 04 / 2009

No. words: 32899

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Male Dom - M/F, Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



The revolution happened just over 20 years ago, crime was at an all time high, few still had respect for the law and due to the liberal attitude towards raising children, the youngsters of Britain had absolutely no respect for their parents or society. All of this, combined with the record levels of personal and national debt was the ideal breeding ground for revolutionary ideas. It was the Chinese who took advantage to the breakdown of British society. It was a bitterly cold winter’s day when they made their move. Firstly they declared the county bankrupted and demanded instant repayment of the 1 trillion pounds the British government owed them. As the Chinese owned most of the countries power companies, they cut off all power to British homes and naturally, this caused riots in the streets. The Houses of Parliament, along with most government buildings were burned by the angry mob. At the request of the Chinese Government, who by this time had turned the British political parties into their “puppets”, the Prime minister held an immediate general election. Only one party fielded candidates, “The Party for national unity”, which was a group of Chinese businessmen working on behalf of the Chinese Government. Within one year, the policies they introduced had completely altered society; the most immediate changes they made were aimed at dealing with the national crime wave and lack of respect for society. The death penalty, combined with public floggings and a harsh prison regime cut the crime rate instantly. Schools were given the power to us corporal punishment and this soon resulted in a total turn around in the attitude of the country’s young. Prisons were redesigned to ensure prisoners were in solitary confinement virtually all of the time. Public floggings were common and everyone had respect for the law.
22 year old Katie and her 18 year old sister Rosie have been enslaved by Master Jenkins, the tall, muscular, dark haired Headmaster of the Jenkins Academy for Naughty Young Ladies. He has stripped them of their clothes, stripped them of their pride and dignity, and of their will to resist. Katie’s training is complete and she has been stripped of her old identity and now has to answer to her new name “Cute Bum”.

This can be read as a standalone story, but readers will get more enjoyment if it is read as a sequel to The Jenkins Academy For Naughty Young Ladies, which tells the story of how Katie and Rosie became enslaved.

All characters in this story are 18 years old, or older. It is pure fiction and doesn’t represent in any way how the author feels the world should be run.

Chapter 1

Time after time the whip landed on Rosie’s unprotected flesh. It landed mercilessly causing angry red welts to appear all over her body. Swish, crack, swish, crack. There was absolutely nothing she could do other than accept her punishment in silence. Crack, crack, crack, three blows landed in quick succession on her poor defenceless bottom. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! The blows came in quick succession as she kicked her legs madly, crying behind her gag. She tried to scream in pain, tried to beg for the assault on her poor body to stop. But deep down she knew she had no choice but to accept the punishment. The punishment she had earned by not giving her master total and absolute obedience. From the moment she had submitted to become his slave, the helpless youngster knew that anything other than total, complete and immediate obedience would be punished. Crack, whip, smack. She tried to wriggle free, but the chains that bound her restricted her movement so much that she could only move a few millimetres. She hated him for punishing her, but hated herself more for hesitating when he ordered her to suck his cock. She only hesitated for a few seconds, but that was long enough to displease her master and now she was suffering the consequences. She was completely naked, hanging upside down in the punishment room. The cuffs around her ankles were attached to chains hanging from the ceiling. Her arms were tied to the ground, leaving the poor girl stretched tight, and totally unable to move. The large penis gag that was stuff into her mouth was extremely effective at ensuring her complete silence. Her painful predicament was made worse by the fact she could see her goody-goody sister relaxing comfortably on a bean bag, bringing herself to one orgasm after another with the help of the large vibrating rubber cock she was ramming deep into her dripping cunt.
“You disobedient little bitch!” yelled Master Jenkins, “You will suffer for your disobedience. You must learn that you need to be a good little pet and obey your masters. Obedience brings rewards, obedience brings pleasure, disobedience brings punishment, and disobedience brings pain.”
Whip, crack, slash, whip, whack, time after time the evil whip cracked against Rosie’s abused and bleeding body. It had been exactly one week since the luckless girl was spanked into submission, spanked into agreeing to become a “student” in his training Academy, spanked into submitting to becoming his slave. An ordeal made all the worse by the fact that it was her own sister Katie, who had been wielding the paddle that forced poor Rosie into submission. Over the past week she had been stripped of her clothing, stripped of her body hair, striped of her pride and dignity, but had not yet had her free will totally taken.
“Only complete and total obedience is acceptable.” said Master Jenkins menacingly as he crouched down in front of his new pet and stared deeply into her tear filled eyes. “It is time to fully embrace your new life, to accept what you were born to be, to accept your destiny. You were born to be a slave, the events of your life have brought you here, this is your destiny, and this is the path that has been laid out for you. It is time for you to be reborn into your life. Rosie will exist no longer, you will have a new name, a new identity, a new purpose in life, and you will be a totally obedient slave. Just like your sister.”
Master Jenkins grabbed a handful of her hair and forced Rosie to look at her sister pleasuring herself. “Think about the pleasure your sister has experienced over the past few days. Good girls are rewarded, good girls receive pleasure, and good girls are rewarded with the honour of being allowed to worship their master’s cock. Rosie will now be buried, her life is over. Before that happens, however you will experience the pain of disobedience and the pleasure of obedience one more time.”
Master Jenkins turned to Katie. “Come here Cute Bum,” he commanded. She rose from her chair with the vibrator still buried in her cunt, because she had not been given permission to remove it. She walked over and stood obediently in front of her master. Little more than a week ago, Katie was free. She had free will, the ability to choose, the ability to control her life. Then she was caught stealing, which resulted in her being brought to Master Jenkins’ Academy. After submitting to his will, her old identity was stripped from her and she now had a new name. Until her master decided otherwise she would be called Cute Bum and she knew that answering to her former name would result in the most serious of punishments.
Master Jenkins looked at the young 22 year old blonde standing before him. She was the perfect example of how successful his training methods were. In little more than a week, he has turned a free woman in to a totally obedient slave who would do anything, absolutely anything he commanded. A large part of the success of his training programme was the fact that he controlled every aspect of his slaves’ lives. He achieved this through punishment and pain, as well as rewarding obedience. The greatest tool in his arsenal however was the collars his slaves wore. The collars ensured his girls would receive instant pain if they moved without permission.
He handed Cute Bum the whip and ordered her to continue beating her sister. She took the whip from his hands and without a second thought began beating her poor defenceless younger sister. At that moment in time Cute Bum had only one objective, and that was to help her sister to realise the joy of obedience. To understand the love Master Jenkins had for his pets. For Katie believed that only somebody who truly loved her would take the time to punish and discipline her when she was bad. Time and again she brought the whip down on her younger sister`s body determined to totally strip of her will to resist to help her to see the joy and pleasure that can only be received by total obedience. Cute Bum wanted nothing more than to be able to talk to her sister, to tell her how much she loved her, to tell her to except her new life with every fibre in her body. But just like her sister. She had a large penis gag shoved in her mouth to ensure complete silence.
Whack, crack, whoosh, slap, whoosh, slap, whoosh, slap. After just 10 lashes of the whip, Master Jenkins commanded Cute Bum to stop. He didn`t want Rosie`s body to be permanently damaged, but he knew that seeing her own sister whip her would help Rosie to realise that there was no chance of returning to her old life.
“Now you have shown your sister the pain of disobedience. You may show her the pleasure she will receive once she truly accepts her new status in life.”
At the flick of a switch Rosie`s legs were pulled wide apart, exposing her young and totally bare 18 year old pussy. Master Jenkins turned to Cute Bum and pulled the gag from her mouth. He grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her mouth against her younger sister’s pussy. Cute Bum needed no further incentive or instruction. She stuck out her tongue and instantly stuck it deep inside her sister`s cunt. She could taste the sweetness of the younger girl’s pussy juice as she moved her tongue in and out of her sister. She could see the look of pleasure on her sister’s face and she tongued her towards orgasm. She slowly withdrew and concentrated her efforts on biting and gently caressing her sister’s clit. Master Jenkins left the room to prepare for Rosie’s rebirth. He knew that Cute Bum would not stop until he ordered her to, no matter how tired she became.
Rosie could feel the spark of an orgasm rapidly growing within her. The conflicting emotions se was experiencing played with her mind. She couldn’t understand how her body could hurt so much yet give her such pleasure at the same time. She couldn’t understand how her own sister could whip her, yet she wanted nothing more than to be able to tell her sister just how much she loved her. One lesson that Rosie had learnt incredibly well over the past week was that she was not allowed to cum without permission. As her sister’s expert tongue caused the spark of pleasure to grow into a burning fire, Rosie knew she must control herself. The last thing she needed right now was to earn a punishment for having an orgasm without permission. Even if Master Jenkins had been in the room, Rosie could not ask permission because of the extremely effective gag she was wearing. All she could was hang helplessly, totally naked, at her sister’s mercy. Hoping desperately that her sister would stop tongue fucking her before she orgasmed. Though much as the rational part of her brain wanted the fucking to stop, her emotional side craved the pleasure and was screaming out for more. Rosie knew that she could do absolutely nothing to change her situation. Her sister had been given an order and Rosie knew that Katie, or Cute Bum as Rosie knew her sister was now called, was an obedient slave. She would continue doing what ever her master commanded until she was given permission to stop.


Master Jenkins returned and was followed by two more of his pets who were pushing a wooden box that looked just like a coffin. The two read haired beauties were mother and daughter and although they were 20 years apart in age, they could easily be mistaken for sisters. They were both tall, around 190 cm, and had tits that were abnormally large. Master Jenkins loved this family trait and regularly punished their over sized tits. The two slaves were brought to the Training Academy after being convicted of showing disrespect to an officer of the law, a mistake they would regret for the rest of their lives. As soon as they entered the room he ordered them to strip naked. The two slaves quickly obeyed, the thought of disobedience never even enter their head. They had both been in the Training Academy long enough to have had their free will totally destroyed, leaving behind two more totally obedient slaves for Master Jenkins, his staff and his friends to play with. The two redheads had been thoroughly briefed and knew exactly what they needed to do.
“Cute Bum, come her now.” Commanded Master Jenkins, Cute Bum obeyed immediately, and once again stood before her master. “Your sister has given me her body but her mind still has disobedient thoughts. She has not yet given her mind totally and completely to her new life. This is something we will now correct. Only after she embraced her new life totally and completely will she receive the pleasure and love only true slaves like you fully understand.”
Cute Bum wanted to thank her master for giving her sister the opportunity to serve him. She remained completely silent however, because even though she was no longer wearing a gag she had not been given permission to talk. And good obedient slaves like her did not talk without permission.
While he and the two redheads prepared Rosie, Master Jenkins had no further use for Cute Bum. He turned her to face the wall of the punishment room and commanded her to go and wait. Without hesitating at all Cute Bum walked over to the wall and pressed her nose against it, she then placed her hands on top of her head and stood in complete silence as she knew she must.
While Master Jenkins was talking to Cute Bum, the two redheads had set about their tasks. In a very businesslike manner they coated Rosie’s body with soothing cream to help her wounds heal. They deliberately made sure they gave her as little pleasure as possible as their hands rubbed every inch of the poor helpless girl’s body. As they did this, Rosie could not take her eyes off the coffin. At that moment she truly believed her life was about to end. All her life she was told that she was not as good as her sister. Her sister was always better at everything; she got better grades in school, was a much faster runner and was always better behaved. Rosie started to cry tears of shame as she began to realise that she wasn’t even as good as her sister when it came to being a slave. She didn’t want to die. Somehow she must persuade Master Jenkins to allow her to live, to persuade him that she really will try harder. To persuade him that she really did want to be his loyal and obedient pet. To convince him that she could be more obedient, and more eager to please than her sister. But she could do none of this as the gag she wore prevented her from making any sound at all.
Once the cream had been applied Rosie was lowered to the ground and the chains that bound her were removed.
“Now you disobedient little piece of shit,” said Master Jenkins menacingly, “that coffin will be your new home until you can be trusted to obey my every command instantly. You will be in there until every last bit of you wants to serve me, to obey me, to be my willing and obedient slave. I will decide how long you are in there and you have absolutely no say in the matter. Now kneel up on all fours.”
Rosie obeyed immediately, as she wanted to show her master that she could be an obedient slave, that she was going to be a good girl, that she did want to serve him and worship him. She thought that if she obeyed immediately, and showed how willing she was, he might change his mind and not put her into the coffin. As Rosie knelt on all fours the two redheads continued preparing her for her next ordeal. First an extremely large butt plug was inserted deep into her bottom. It was inserted quickly and roughly with no concern shown for the obvious pain it caused the poor helpless girl. This was a punishment designed to totally break her spirit and causing her additional pain and discomfort was an added bonus. She was just getting used to the discomfort of the enormous butt plug when she felt an enormous dildo being shoved into her cunt. Both devices were quickly strapped into place and there was nothing Rosie could do except accept the fact that she would have them inside her until her master decided otherwise.
“Now my pet, you will lay on your back with your arms by your side and your legs close together as you can get them.”
Rosie was very quick to obey, the words had barely left her master’s mouth and she was lying on her back, positioned exactly as ordered. The two redhead slaves placed what appeared to be a sleeping bag on the floor by Rosie’s feet. As soon as she was ordered to, Rosie wiggled down until she was lying inside the bag. It was made out of a very thin transparent material and had the appearance of Clingfilm. Unlike Clingfilm however, it was extremely tough and Rosie was about to discover just how helpless she really was. Once she was inside, the top of the bag was sealed around Rosie’s body, just below her neck. It was held in place by a combination of a special rubber like gel around the top edge of the bag, and a zip tie that wrapped around her chest and held the bag snugly to her skin. Once the seal was in place, a vacuum cleaner was attached to a nozzle close to the bottom of the bag and all of the air was sucked out. It was only now Rosie realised just how truly helpless she was. As the air was sucked out of the bag, the plastic was sucked tight against her skin and formed a hard shell encasing her entire body. She felt it pressing against her, squashing her breasts, compressing her chest, forcing her legs painfully close together. The plastic was moulded exactly to the contours of her body, leaving her totally and utterly unable to move any part of her body. She was barely able to breath and was only able to take extremely shallow breaths due to the pressure being placed on her chest. The plastic formed a completely transparent “second skin” and unless onlookers looked really closely, it was completely invisible. A casual onlooker would believe that Rosie was simply lying completely still of her own free will.
The truth was very different, however, as Rosie was encased in a skin tight see-through prison, even moving her fingers and toes proved to be totally impossible. Master Jenkins then added to her bondage by bringing a hospital style collar over to where Rosie was lying. He lifted her head slightly off the ground as he slid the collar under her. He fastened it around her neck so that now she wasn’t even able to move her head. Gagged, naked, and now totally unable to move, Rosie, truly believed that her life was about to end. In one sense this was true, her old life was about to end, she was about to be given a new identity. She was about to be reborn as a totally obedient slave, with absolutely no free will of her own. The two redheads stood at either end of Rosie’s body and carefully lifted her into the air. They carried her over to the coffin and slowly but carefully lowered her inside. Rosie had a look of absolute horror on her face. She tried desperately to move, but was completely immobilised. In a panic, she tried to call out and shout for help but not a sound escaped the very effective gag she was wearing. Master Jenkins moved over to her and looked deep into her eyes.
“You will either come out of this as a totally obedient slave, or you will never come out. You belong to me now. I own you. I took ownership of you body when you volunteered to stay here, when you volunteered to become my pet, my slave. I own your body and very soon I will also own your mind. You are no longer the same person who first walked into my office. Rosie no longer exists. Your life begins now. From this moment forwards your name is “Sweet Cheeks”. If you ever say your old name, or react when someone uses it, I will personally cut out your tongue and force you to eat it. And then you will be buried alive, never to be seen again. So from this moment on, Rosie is dead, she no longer exists. Sweet Cheeks is born. Goodnight Sweet Cheeks. Goodnight my slave.”
Master Jenkins, then place a pair of headphones over the helpless girl’s ears. Finally, to add to her feeling of total and complete helplessness, Master Jenkins placed the glass lid on the coffin. The lid was screwed into place and the poor girl felt more alone and more helpless than she had ever felt before. Unable to move, unable to speak, the poor girl simply lay very still trying to comprehend the events of the past couple of hours. She has been whipped mercilessly by her master and her own sister, and now she was lying in a coffin, totally and utterly helpless. As she tried to think, she heard a voice, a deep commanding voice coming from the headphones she was wearing. Over and over again it repeated the same message. “Rosie is dead, she no longer exists. I am called Sweet Cheeks, I exist to serve and obey my Masters and Mistresses. I have no rights, I have no free well, I am a slave. Obedience is good, I love to be obedient, I must be obedient…”
While her sister was being put through her terrifying ordeal, Cute Bum was standing obediently by the wall of the punishment room, just as she had been ordered to. She was listening to what was happening behind her and wanted desperately to turn around and see what was happening to her sister. But Cute Bum was a good slave and good slaves were obedient. She knew that she must not move from the wall without permission. So while her sister was being immobilised and placed into the coffin, all Cute Bum could do was stand helplessly in silence with her hands on her head and her nose on the wall.
“Come here Cute Bum,” Commanded Master Jenkins. The slave immediately moved away from the wall and walked over to her master. She kept her hands on top of her head because she knew removing them without permission was not allowed. Master Jenkins handed her a large black cloth and told her to place it over the coffin. Cute Bum did as she was instructed. Just as he planned, the very last thing Rosie saw before her world was thrown into complete darkness was the face of her sister. The immobilised girl couldn’t be sure, but she thought she saw her sister mouth the words “I love you” before placing the black cloth over her new, tiny prison. As the others left the room, poor Rosie was left totally helpless, unable to move, unable to see, unable to speak and unable to hear anything except the instructions coming from the headphones. She had no idea how long she would be in this claustrophobic prison, and as much as she wanted to comfort herself by thinking happy thoughts, she was unable to concentrate on anything other than the sound of her Master’s voice.


Barely a "3", unimaginative, uninspiring...pass it by. 3 out of 5 (Eljay)

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An author with a life long interest in spanking and disciplining deserving women.

Read the stories for red butts and hot action.


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