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Anita's Ordeal (revised Edition) (Will Buster)



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    • Average 1.5 from 2 ratings

Anita’s Ordeal is one cock gripping tale of cunt training at its best. Anita is one hot tempered Spanish bitch with a long heritage behind her and Ron Lawson in front of her.

When Anita finds out that her husband Alonzo is a king pin in the mafia she goes ballistic and threatens to go to the cops. Quickly she finds herself at the mercy of a corrective therapist Ron Lawson who spares no effort in correcting Anita’s behaviour.

The only times he lets her out of her cage is for whippings, paddlings and ecstatic tortures.

If you like bondage and sizzling action this saga of sadistic torments should be right up your alley.

A special tribute of thanks to Richard Striker who inspired this book. This may be just the beginning of a series of new tales into the darker side.

This edition has been re-edited and reformatted from the original. If the original version is already in your member library our software should prevent you from buying this edition.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2009

No. words: 32167

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  PDF  MS Reader  


Anita couldn’t believe this was happening to her. It was her first marriage night. She hadn’t been all that impressed with Alonzo Montarosa but her father had assured her he was younger than he looked and as rich as Midas on a good day. But now she was between the sheets with the overweight middle aged man grunting and sweating as he plunged his seven inches deep into her bleeding pussy. He’d just split open her ripe cherry and he hadn’t even bothered to get her lubricated or aroused. He’d just taken her like some available slut on a darkened alley way. Deep down inside her innermost self, Anita was shocked, offended and seared with agony from those powerful, cunt wrenching thrusts.
It was obvious that Anita’s new husband was thoroughly enjoying himself as he pillaged this remarkable piece of ripe virgin flesh. He’d always dreamed of doing a fresh unsullied woman and Anita was definitely the ticket. Alonzo gripped her tits hard and his stinking breath almost made her gag as he sought out her mouth for another watery kiss.
“Hmmmmmm! Chiquita you feel so good! You’re just gonna love this honeymoon babe!”
She couldn’t say anything in reply as his tongue darted back into her mouth that she reluctantly opened for him. Very slowly the pain in her cunt reduced as at last some juices started protecting her from his violation.
The new groom mistook her moans for pleasure and he drove into her ravished pussy even harder than before. His sharp piercing slams sent new waves of pain through her groin and belly. It was utter torment to the newly deflowered virgin.
Finally she felt him convulse and some warm liquid washed into her pussy hole. He’d shot his cum into her and she thought perhaps this first ordeal was over. She was wrong.
He got out of her and sat on her chest. “Now my little Chiquita, open your mouth and suck it real nice. All this hard work must be making you thirsty.”
She gritted her teeth. “No! It’s a filthy thing to do!”
Her head rang with the suddenness of the blow. He’d slapped her face hard and she literally saw stars.
“You will do as I say you young bitch! Now open up your mouth and suck it until I squirt off in your disobedient mouth!”
There was pure anger in his voice and with her head still swimming she reluctantly opened her soft lips. It was as bad as she imagined. His cock was warm and somewhat soft but the strange taste of him made her almost choke and her stomach churned, rebelling at the thought of eventually ingesting this pig’s leavings. She’d only been with Alonzo for minutes and she thought of him as a boorish pig.
Soon he was fucking her mouth. His heavy breathing kept time with some distant music playing somewhere else in the hotel. Eventually his prick stiffened as her reluctant tongue squirmed and flicked over his urgent meat.
“Now Chiquita relax your throat so I can go deeper. It’s better for you if you do. Hmmmmmm! You learn quick you little fox! Suck it! Suck it faster!”
For a fleeting moment she wanted to bite that violating prick off the pig but she figured the taste would be worse and he still might have enough strength to do her serious injury so she gently washed his fucking cock with her saliva. He seemed to really like that a lot and Anita decided the quicker she got him to spurt off the sooner she could be rid of him. The sucking and rhythmic plunging went on and on. He’d already squirted off into her cunt and it was taking the letch a longer time to reach another cock burst.
Eventually his hands desperately gripped the sides of her face and she felt him tense up. Then she felt the creaming jolt of his bursting cock and she gagged from a warm mouthful of his disgusting seed.
She thought she’d throw up from the nausea induced by the strange taste of cum. Anita wasn’t good at swallowing the stuff and a lot of it dribbled out of her mouth, soiling her face and pillow case. Alonzo didn’t seem to mind much. He was getting his rocks off just the way he liked it, into a hot slut’s mouth.
“Very good Chiquita! You suck the big cock real good! Now clean it off. Yeah baby! Lick it with your tongue just like that.”
Anita hated how he called her Chiquita. Her mother had often told her that was what men called cheep whores in old Spain. The word technically meant girl but it had some further connotations that Anita certainly did not appreciate.
When Alonzo was finally satisfied with her oral ministrations he lay down beside her, continuing to grope her voluptuous tits and probe her juicy sex with investigating fingers.
“Very nice Chiquita! I have more to teach you tomorrow but the reception was long and we are both tired. You will soon learn what love is all about my new darling.”
Anita thought to herself that he said the word love like it was a dirty word. It was as if he’d actually wanted to say fuck instead of love but she let it pass. At least the immediate unpleasantness was over and maybe as time went on, things might improve. Anita couldn’t have been more wrong.
If the young Latin beauty thought she’d endured pain on her wedding night, the next morning was even worse. Alonzo got her on her belly and without the aid of Vaseline or any kind of lubrication, he slammed his big bone into her virginal anus. She screamed from the ripping, tearing agony. It was like she was shitting backward except the pain was intense and far worse then a hemorrhoid with an attitude! He buried her face in the pillow to muffle the screams and hide her tears. He was taking her like some worthless whore. He was using her body for the most degrading, disgusting sexual practices imaginable. What Alonzo didn’t know was that in time, had he been gentle and careful he could have enjoyed all these sexual delights with Anita as a willing and eager bed mate but Montarosa was an animal, an insensitive pig and Anita found it out real quick in the honeymoon suite. Oh she’d read about sex from some book that her father had gotten for her and in college one of her girl friends had shown her some shocking xxx flicks but to actually experience sex was a lot different than reading about it or watching some couple grunting and rutting in front of a camera. She knew from what other girls had told her that fucking was supposed to be sheer ecstasy with the right man. Well if that was the case, Alonzo Montarosa was definitely not the right man and she was stuck with this rutting pig for a very long fucking time.
Anita’s blood boiled to think she would have to service this creature for night after night, month after month and year after year. The only good thing about getting ass fucked by the pig was that you couldn’t get pregnant from an ass fuck.
Alonzo might have been middle aged but he was hot. He’d waited for this lush treat for weeks ever since he’d been officially introduced to Anita by her father, Mario Tonelli.
Mario was an entertainer who owned a fine establishment in Verona complete with full service bar, band and brothel. You might say it was a full service tavern with the emphasis on the word service. Of course Anita was never exposed to this place. All she new was that her father was a business man in the entertainment sector.
Anita was 20 with a full figure including 36D tits, wide hips and a nice small tummy just right for groping and kissing. Her skin was soft and silky smooth. Anita took great pains to remove hair from her legs, underarms and anyplace else except the bush above her pussy. Her skin was an attractive olive brown typical of the rich Mediterranean tints. Her hair was long, dark and lustrous and it fell well below her shoulders when it was released from any kind of fashionable restraint. Her eyes were deep, dark brown and piercing. Her long lashes added that special mystery that makes some women so irresistible. What Alonzo hadn’t taken into consideration was that Anita was more than half Spanish.
Anita’s mother had a Spanish name as long as a dictionary. Dona Julia Lopez Doria Guzman de Sedonia was an imposing presence of a woman. Anita had often wondered how in heavens name she’d been linked up with Mario Tonelli. Of course the marriage had been arranged by parents who thought that Don Dinero was the most useful best man to attend a wedding. In short, money talked and bull shit walked. However on top of that, Mario Tonelli’s mother was also Spanish and Anita had the opportunity to here the two women talking about their ancestry and culture ad nauseam. Anita became as familiar with the exploits of Cortez and Don Juan, Andréa Doria and a host of others just as much as she was familiar with Burger King.
Although she’d been brought up in Verona her English was passable and her new husband Alonzo did most of his business in the UK. That is where they were now for the honeymoon. In fact he owned an opulent home in the suburbs of London which Anita hadn’t seen yet. They were currently coupling in some swanky hotel near Hyde Park.
This classy young lady naturally tried to escape current reality by retreating into her intelligent mind. In vain she tried to ignore the anal torture that never seemed to stop. Even after he’d relieved his cock itch by jetting his creamy cum into her sore ass, the bastard kept viciously fucking her tight hole, prolonging his rigidity and her intense agony.
He confirmed her worst fears when he snickered a command. “Again Chiquita! You feel real good and tight! We’ll have a great time all day and night my new wife!”
It might have been a great time for him but it was hell for her. He took her again up the ass and this time it must have taken over a half an hour for him to find release inside her agonized rectum. After a short break he was lying on top of her with her back now on the sheets. Alonzo was vigorously plowing her exposed cunt forcing her legs way back with his strong hands. At least it was less painful today and it was certainly preferable to being ass fucked. Anita shut her eyes and pretended she was being balled by one of those handsome studs she’d seen in the skin flicks. It almost worked for her but not quite. She could still smell him and hear his animal grunts as he worked inside her, driving and thrusting and piercing her prime pussy flesh. Again and again he squirted off during the course of the day. He filled her cunt thick with his creamy seed. Every time he ejaculated he ejected less and less and for that Anita was grateful. She was also thanking God that she’d taken the precaution to getting birth control pills on the advice of her mother.
“You want to make sure he’s a good lover first Anita my daughter. Good lovers usually make good fathers. If he turns out to be a pig you don’t want his children if you can help it. I could tell you stories about some of my ancestors that would make your skin crawl.”
That was Dona Julia, always full of gloom and doom. She always wore dark, subdued colors for her conservative clothing to. Anything else would have been undignified and her illustrious family history dictated the highest level of aristocratic dignity.
Anita had been a dutiful and good little girl and had soaked up the family history and the honor of old Spain like a sponge. Well now her cunt was soaking up Alonzo’s cum just like a proverbial sponge and she didn’t like it. Her anus was still raw and painful from the previous fucking. Both holes itched uncomfortably from the large amounts of cum that had been forcibly injected into them. The man seemed to be insatiable and after an elegant supper brought to their room, she was servicing him again, this time with her mouth until finally he fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. Anita gritted her teeth and her hands clenched with fierce anger. She wanted to kill the pig at least that is how she felt at the moment. He’d never asked if he was hurting her. He’d never been gentle or asked her if she wanted to try some new sexual treats. He’d just taken her as if she’d been some low class whore who was used to sucking and fucking in every way. Just a few days ago, she’d been an innocent virgin and now she felt corrupted, used and made utterly filthy by this pig of a husband. She hadn’t even come close to orgasm. Even after hours of being pussy fucked her cunt was unresponsive for the most part. Oh she’d juiced up from the constant pounding but her emotions had been so incensed that she could only endure his lust making by imagining all the terrible things Torkemada could have done to his person. She thought of Alonzo screaming from the pain inflicted by the strapado or the rack. How pleasant it would be to seem him dangling by the wrists from chains in a wall while a whip with a little metal knob at the end was savagely slashing across his back. It would be so enjoyable to hear his screams rather than her own when he tore into her defenseless rectum.
Well now she was married to Don Dinero Alonzo Montarosa and she had to make the best of it. Maybe in time he would get tired of her and select a mistress. She’d only been in bed with the pig a day and already she dreamed of being left alone. The rest of the honeymoon was more of the same although she finally climaxed from some extended pussy fucking. She was ashamed with herself for showing such weakness. To her appalled horror she’d actually enjoyed having her cunt blasted by that disgusting dick. It was the ecstasy of hate rather than of love or lust. She even learned to use her pussy muscles in new ways to make him squirt quicker and reduce her ordeal. For that is what her new marriage was and would continue to be for month after arduous month.


same plot as before 1 out of 5

Author Information

I’ve been writing erotica for almost ten years now. I enjoy bringing in all kinds of settings from ancient Egypt to the distant future. I attempt to put more in my books than simply sex encounters. To me the story is of paramount importance. I will never insult the reader by assuming he or she is only purchasing my book for a few cheep thrills.

My interests vary widely from classical music to major league baseball results to reading many kinds of fiction including movies. My all time two favorite producers were Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrik. I’ve tried to incorporate the realism of Kubric and the suspense thrills of Hitchcock whenever possible. So I hope you will be greatly entertained when you read my novels.


Publisher Information

Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres.

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