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Amanda The Slavegirl Too Rich To Be Safe (Miguel De Riviera)

Amanda The Slavegirl Too Rich To Be Safe by Miguel De Riviera


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    • Average 3.7 from 6 ratings

Gorgeous Amanda vacationing on the Caribbean knew better than to accept an invitation from a handsome young man she barely knew to take a cruise on his boat and visit his uncle’s historic castle, but she said yes.

She soon found herself being whipped and tortured in training as a sex slave. Amanda’s new masters thought they had scored a coup, but they didn’t know who she really was.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 11 / 2009

No. words: 31022

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sado-Masochism (SM)

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The first thing Hans did was fix a large collar about an inch-and-a-half wide on his new slave. It was made of two layers of dark brown leather sandwiching a flexible steel band. It had a strong looking D ring and locked around Amanda’s neck with four rivets. Hans himself affixed the rivets with a tool that looked like a huge pair of pliers. It was an uncomfortable process. There was no doubt it was intended to be permanent.
Hans gazed at his work. “There’s something about a collar that makes a naked girl look really sexy,” he remarked. It just has your name on it, he told the slave. She stood facing him with a woebegone expression and covering herself with her arms and hands. He plucked away the barrette that held her pony tail in place and ran his fingers through the blond cascade of tresses that stretched to the small of her back. “You will wear your hair loose like this at all times and brush it frequently. You hear me, Slut?”
He waited for her to respond. It was obvious he wanted her to reveal her subservience. She decided that for the moment it would be prudent not to raise issues. “Yes, Master.”
He attached a leather leash to her collar. She struggled against him when he tried to cross her wrists behind her back. She was determined she would not allow her body to be completely exposed to the gaze of the men, but with the help of Raoul her wrists were soon crossed behind her and shackled together. Amanda made little whimpers of shame at being so totally displayed. The men in the room leered at her as they optically browsed her exposed body. Hans levered her arms up so that she had to bow at the waist before him. He used the end of the leash to give her three hard slashes on her still glowing rump.
Amanda squealed at each hit, finally subsided into sobs.
“W—W---Why are you doing this to me?” she demanded with a wail.
“Because you’re my slave and I can do anything to you I want,” he told her heartlessly. To demonstrate his point he mauled her breasts, and then pinched the tender folds of her pussy, making her squeal and brought tears of shame to her eyes. The degradation of his actions made her sob, but she was too wise to resist him at this point while he was showing her off. How had she gotten into this position? She tried to remember.
“Master, may I have some clothes, please?”
Her eyes widened in disbelief as he raised his hand holding the leather leash. He fully intended to whip her with it. With her wrists shackled behind her, she had no way to defend herself. He slashed it across her breasts. The leather expertly hit both her nipples causing her to emit a squeal of pain.
“In this house slavegirls are kept naked,” he growled.
“Call Kitty,” he told Bette. A few minutes later a dark skinned nude young woman carrying a yellow wooden box entered the room. She seated Amanda at a small table in a corner of the room and began to apply makeup to the slavegirl’s face. She started by emphasizing the girl’s eyes with black and blue colors. She had obviously once been a professional. She painted Amanda’s lips a harsh red. “This paint is indelible,” she remarked.
“We call it Harlot Scarlet,” Hans chuckled. The work continued onto the slavegirl’s fingernails, toenails, and even the petals of her slash were brightly painted. When all was done she made Amanda stand up and face Hans for his approval.
For several minutes he looked at her with a broad smile of satisfaction. She could feel his eyes slithering up and down her naked body. She struggled uselessly to free her shackled wrists. His slowly forming expression of lust frightened her. Once before a boy had raped her when he came across her sun bathing herself on a secluded part of the beach in Oregon. Perhaps it was partly her fault that it had happened. She was lying on her back, naked, her legs splayed, dozing. She was toasting her white private parts when the boy, as naked as she, lay down on top of her. She felt his hard cock pressing against her sex.
Several times in the past she had allowed boys she knew and liked to take her, but this was an uninvited stranger! This was rape! Rape! She thought in rage. She rolled and squirmed to free herself, kicked at his balls with her knees, pulled to free her hands, which he was holding on the sand above her head. She intended to rake his face with her nails. Failing that she doubled forward trying to bite him, but he was too strong for her. As though he were far away, she heard him laugh at her pathetic attempts to free herself. She felt the flange of his cock pressing hard to widen the lips of her vulva. The pressure was unrelenting and suddenly his cock was inside her! Now with a few powerful thrusts of his hips, he slid into her depths. He grunted satisfaction and began to pump at her. She couldn’t stop him. Her pussy began to lubricate the intruder. He thrust in and out along her love channel, with his weight pressing down on her, his strong lock securing her wrists. She was woman helpless as he took his pleasure from her body. She stopped her useless struggling and endured. Now he began his violation of her body in earnest. He shoved himself into her as deeply as he could go and then jerked himself out almost to the flange of his stiff shaft, then hard into her depths again. He gripped her hair painfully and emitted guttural sounds of pleasure at each thrust as though punishing her. It went on and on. Eventually she felt his cock convulse and a splash of his spunk gushed into her pussy. Two or three more times the vile intruder sprayed inside her.
With a sigh of pleasure he rested on top of her. She was too emotionally and physically exhausted to take advantage when he freed her wrists. He grasped her hair and forced a final kiss on her. Then the worst of all, he gazed down at her with a smirk of triumph.
At that point she swore to herself that this outrage would never happen again.
Hans gazed down at her. “You are my slavegirl, Slut. Say ‘Please fuck me, Master.’”
“In your dreams,” Amanda snarled back. He reached out to grab her arm but she turned her body away.
“I’ll teach you obedience, Slut,” Hans snarled. He slapped her face so hard she half lost consciousness. She didn’t fully revive until Hans was dragging her up to his bedroom. He shoved her inside, onto the floor in a heap, stepped on her leash close to the collar and slashed her bum with a switch. Amanda screamed, and begged him to stop. “Okay! Okay! I’ll do whatever you want! …Master!” she cried. “I’m your slave. I’ll do anything you want.” She realized she was cravenly surrendering, jettisoning her pride like unnecessary baggage. Her cowardly submission was despicable but right now with her body stinging all over she would do anything to avoid more whipping. She despised herself for her weakness, but she was frantic to avoid more pain. And after the pain she would still have to submit.
He gave her several more viciously hard slashes, again on her breasts. She screamed and half passed out again. Never in her life had she been treated like this. It seemed unreal, like a nightmare. He slammed the door, and then gently picked her up and laid her on the bed. He unshackled her wrists, covered her nakedness with a blanket and pulled up a chair beside her.
He regarded her with an expression of pain. “Amanda, I’m so sorry it went like this. If I don’t put some whip marks on your body, they’ll begin to suspect there is something between us.”
With her whole body smarting from her various whippings, she was in no mood to talk to him, yet he seemed to be apologizing.
“What do you mean, you bastard?”
“I’ve been trying to get into this organization for a couple of years. The money is fantastic. But I’ve been stuck on the fringes as a spotter of prospective girls and just doing minor chores. Anyway, when you came along I knew if I could bring you in my stock would go way up. And it did—you saw how they put me in charge of your training. But I never expected it to go the way it did. I thought I could shield you from the beatings that every new girl goes through, but I realize now I can’t. They will expect to see me whipping and mistreating you to prove I have the stuff to be a trainer. I’m sorry, Amanda. I planned to protect you from this, but I see now I can’t. I’ll get you out of this somehow, but meanwhile we have to play the game their way. I will do it, Amanda, because I love you.”
To Amanda he seemed sincere, but completely inept. “So you’re going to parade me around naked, whip me, abuse me, but it’s okay because you love me and you are trying to help me?” she demanded angrily.
“I’m doing my best, Amanda,” he moaned.
With a shriek of anger she slapped his face.
He grabbed her wrists and glowered at her. “Don’t make me angry at you, Amanda. I’m doing this for you. But it you can’t see that, if you can’t accept that I really do love you, then I’ve got nothing to lose, do I? I may as well treat you as a slave. That way I can get everything I want from you. Is that what you want, Amanda?”
He reached out to stroke her face, but she slapped his hand away.
“Is that your answer, Amanda?” he demanded.
It was all so delusional she couldn’t make sense of it. She began to cry.
He snatched the blanket off her body and raised the switch. He saw the realization bloom on her lovely face that she was in peril of a solid thrashing. “Please, Hans—Master—don’t whip me. I’ll obey you; I’ll do whatever you want.”
“Then spread your legs,” he grated.

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