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Nadja The Free Girl (Miguel De Riviera)

Nadja The Free Girl by Miguel De Riviera


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    • Average 3.0 from 2 ratings

Nadja's a tough girl on the streets of Portland, who holds her own among the pimps and lowlifes. But one pimp she humiliates brings his gang and takes her as revenge. And once she's sold into slavery, being a fighter doesn't seem to help at all.

Or does it?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 7 / 2010

No. words: 29980

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Nadja twisted and strained against the two young men who were locked onto her arms and dragging her deeper into the bush. She fought like a wildcat, snarling, scratching and biting, but they were too strong for her. The struggling group reached a small clearing that was obscured from the highway and probably far enough away that her screams would not be heard over the rumbling cars and trucks. They held her there and Nadja took advantage of the lull to get her breath back and rebuild her strength. She was not finished fighting yet.
Nor was she surprised when Blue Jay sauntered up with two more of his gang. As he looked at Nadja with a broad grin of satisfaction, he adjusted the growing bulge in his Dockers. “Well, well, look who’s here! Nadja Billings, the Snow Queen herself.” He stroked her waist-long black hair. “It was nice of you to come to our little get together, Bitch. Our get to know each other better,” he amended with a smirk, making his intentions clear. He reached out and squeezed her left breast under her thin white cotton blouse. “It’s time to uncover these goodies. Do you want to do it yourself, or should we help you, Slut?”
Nadja laughed in his face. “Is that why you brought your army with you, Creep? You’re not man enough to do the job yourself, are you?” she taunted and watched the colour change on his face to crimson. She was referring to an incident about a year ago when she scored a hit on his nose that sent him on his back. She always wondered if that had just been a lucky hit. Well, she was going to find out now. This was a showdown that had been brewing between them for months. Up to now she had managed to dodge him, but now there was no way to back out.
“I’ll tell you what, Creep,” she said. “If you can put me down on my back, I’ll let you and your goons fuck me all you want. But if I put you down, you’ll tuck your tail between your legs and crawl home. Is that fair?” She was scared to death, but she didn’t feel she was giving anything away. If they all ganged up on her, which was plainly their intention, she would be fucked all night anyway, and more than likely with sundry damage.
Blue Jay’s gang liked the idea of a contest. What they really liked was Nadja submissively spreading her legs for them. Every boy in the neighbourhood had the hots for Nadja.
There was no way for Blue Jay to wiggle out of the challenge. He grinned confidently. “Okay Bitch, you want to fight man to man, right?”
“Then strip to the waist,” he growled, taking off his shirt and tossing it aside. He fixed her with a challenging grin. The boys, who had formed a circle around the contestants, clapped and cheered, and waited for Nadja to strip.
She admitted to herself that he had scored on her. It would be a humiliation for her to let them see her breasts naked, but on the other hand if events did not go well they would be looking at all of her naked. She gritted her teeth and pulled off her blouse and bra. This was greeted with a chorus of pleasure from the boys. It was embarrassing to have these louts gawking at her, but what else could she do? She felt the cool evening air creeping around her naked flesh.
“What a pair!” Blue Jay gawked, grinning his appreciation. He reached out to fondle her but she slapped his hand away.
“If you want a feel, you have to earn it,” she snarled.
“Okay, Bitch.” He sounded confident as he angled around her. Suddenly, before she had really started, his fist snaked out and caught her directly on her left breast with a loud whap. She saw him watching her breast judder and bounce. The blow had really hurt. Even her legs echoed the pain and seemed to lose some of their elasticity. Blue Jay knew he had hurt her and danced away, grinning, fists feinting another punch.
In size they were closely enough matched. He was a shade over six feet and she was half a dozen inches shorter than six feet, but at 190 pounds he far overshadowed her 120. She knew if she tried to box him she didn’t have a hope. Her card was jujitsu, a defensive form of Japanese wrestling which used the opponent’s superior size and weight against him.
Meanwhile Jay went on shuffling and dodging around her while she waited for the right moment. She had parried all but one of his thrusts up to now and even scored a few hits of her own using the edge of her hand. His nose was bleeding and one eye squinted at her painfully. He kept glaring at her breasts and she expected that was where he would strike again.
Suddenly his right fist shot out with all his force directly for her other breast. It was so fast she didn’t actually see it, just sensed it subconsciously barrelling towards her. She reached out with her left hand to parry the thrust and found her fingers wrapped around his forearm. She immediately took advantage of his position. Using his momentum she jerked his arm past her and pushed it away. It left him standing on one leg, off balance, and for a split second helpless. She stepped in front of him and locked a hand on his arm to twist him around with her back turned to him. She wrapped her right arm around his waist, gathered his forward momentum to roll him onwards onto her back as she leaned down, his legs rose into the air and kicked uselessly, then she shrugged him off her back. He thumped onto the ground where he landed with a crash on his side and lay winded. She held him down with her foot on his neck.
“Are you down, boy?” she inquired, wanting him to admit his defeat.
“Okay,” he muttered. His gang members moaned disappointment as he climbed to his feet. He glared at her, then turned and stalked away.
Nadja grinned happily as she buttoned up her blouse and threaded her way out of the bush. She had been lucky again, and she felt Jay had been sufficiently humiliated that he would not be back anytime soon.
A couple of years earlier they had been casual friends. Jay had a couple of guys who hung out with him. They graduated from high school the same year. That was when he turned to crime. It started with selling crack, then loan sharking, a crime that local cops ignored. His boys were not reticent about resorting to violence, so Jay and his little gang gradually became feared. Jay grew more and more confident that he could do whatever he wanted in the South East Portland neighbourhood. When a girl named Megan Hill got too far into debt to him by missing payments on the weekly interest, he forced her to prostitute herself to pay back her loans. Nadja was certain that Blue Jay was paying certain cops to look the other way. It was rumoured that two other girls were paying off their debts in a nearby city.
Nadja was a practical girl. She could accept young females from Eastern Europe working the streets—hookers kept a lot of heat off neighbourhood girls--but she was outraged when she heard that one of them was a local. She and three of her girlfriends, idly swinging baseball bats, visited Jay and talked to him about Megan. When they promised to pay off her debt, he reluctantly relented and allowed Megan to leave. He also agreed, after a lot of heated argument, not to use local girls in his business. The episode had been a humiliation for Blue Jay and had raised Nadja’s standing in the neighbourhood to guardian angel. From that day Jay had nursed a grudge against Nadja but he had avoided another confrontation with her.
Megan, on the other hand, was so grateful that she followed her benefactress everywhere, eager to serve her in any way. Megan was not a bright girl and she was grateful to have someone to follow, to make decisions for her. She was a hot blond who unwittingly attracted boys to her like flies to honey. The guys saw her vulnerable submissiveness. Two other girls joined Nadja and Megan and they all set up housekeeping in Nadja’s four-bedroom house that she inherited from her parents. It had a view of the Willamette River through the port cranes. Nadja had a fairly good job as a Six-to-Twelve Shop manager. Bunny Logan was a clerk in a porn store and Allisia Stevens was a waitress in a neighbourhood bar and grille where the waitresses worked topless. Megan did the housework. By combining their wages and tips, they lived quite well. They were four gorgeous girls whose main problem was keeping all but select boys out of their beds.
That evening, as usual on Thursdays, they had supper together, just the four friends--there were no guests on Thursdays. Nadja told them about her adventure with Blue Jay and warned everybody to be watchful for repercussions, although she didn’t really expect trouble. They watched the 11 p.m. news and all went to their separate beds.


There are some really good sections in this book and some not so good sections. Overall the book is maybe a 2.5 rating. 2 out of 5

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