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The Hurricane (Kasey Graham)

The Hurricane by Kasey Graham


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Paul didnít have other dalliances. Not for lack of interested women. He always reasoned that, if he cheated on his wife, he wanted to make sure that it was well worth the betrayal. For starters, his wife was amazing; in life and in bed. They had a wonderful and exciting sex life; even after more than ten years. She was the most perfect woman in the world and he truly cherished the fact that she was his wife. She knew him better than anyone on earth. He knew his wife would forgive his indiscretions. He didnít want to carry the load of guilt. So, it was going to have to be one hell of a woman for him to cross that line. Suddenly, when he least expected it, Ďone hell of a womaní crossed his path.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 9 / 2010

No. words: 38723

Style: Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


    Tearing his eyes away from her beautiful mound, he began taking the groceries out of the bags and arranging them as if on display.  "I did ok, at the store" his voice squeaked a bit.  He cleared his throat, "I must be pretty parched" he said chuckling nervously.  He watched her cross to him, and peruse the 'store' he laid out.
    She huffed, angrily and said, "Ugh, I do not drink Poland spring water....I only drink Evian."  She stared up at him, looking pissy.  Just when he thought about telling her to go screw, she burst out laughing. 
    'Awesome,' he thought to him self, 'she has a sense of humor.'  Then he started laughing with her.  "You had me that time.  I thought you were serious."
    Laughing, she replied, "Yeah, the look on your face said 'go screw yourself.'"  They both kept laughing.  She grabbed a package of Twinkies and a Coke and sat back down.  Could she possibly have not realized that she was showing him her puss?  He couldn't believe any woman wouldn't notice that, but decided he didn't care, as long as she didn't get pissed that he admired the view.
    "You know, I didn't figure you for a 'Twinkie' kind of girl.  I figured you for a healthy-organic-vegan kind of girl."
    She laughed hard, still working on opening the Twinkie package.  "What made you think that?"
    "Because you're so healthy.  You're really fit and..." he didn't continue as he realized that he was confessing to knowing she was healthy and fit.  Which, meant he was checking her out.
    She let him off the hook, "You're pretty healthy and fit too."  She slid a Twinkie into her mouth and bit down.  His jaw instinctively dropped open.  A bit of fluffy white remained on her lips and he watched intently as her tongue slid out, caressed her lip, and removed the stray and tucked back in. 
ďDid you know that ĎEvianí spelled backwards is Ďna√Įve?íĒ he asked.
She stared at him, in disbelief for a few moments before saying, ďNo, I didnít know that.Ē She stared straight into his eyes as she licked her full lips, up the left corner, across the upper lip, down the right side and across the fullness of the bottom. There was no hiding his erection after that.¬†
Still staring at her mouth, he reached back, grabbed whatever package touched his fingertips and retrieved it.  He heard her humming a bit, or was she moaning?  Licking her lips again, she slid the rest of the Twinkie in, enveloping the soft, spongy cake in her full lips.  He opened the bag of whatever, reached in and started eating whatever the hell it was.  'Dinner and a show' he mused to himself.  She was definitely humming.  Or, moaning.  Sound emanated from her lips, sound he could not place.  Was it her making the sound?  She took a giant swig of Coke, the sound silenced.  Yup.  It was her making that sound.  It sounded good.  Probably would feel good with his cock in her......
    "I love Twinkies, don't you?"  She asked playfully with a bright smile.  His gaze met hers, and there was no mistaking he'd been staring between her pouty mouth and her pussy.  Still, she didn't let on that she knew; if she knew.  He was beginning to wonder if he wanted her to know.  But, that was a bad thing to think.  After over ten years, he'd basically been a pretty good boy.  He continued eating while she took the other Twinkie out.  Inwardly, he moaned in desperation to be reincarnated as a Twinkie.  Outwardly, he continued mindlessly munching the bag of whatever that he couldn't even taste. 
She slid the second Twinkie into her mouth and almost in slow motion, caressed the Twinkie with her teeth, nipping a bit, her tongue slid down under the Twinkie caressing softly from the bottom as her teeth sank deeper, biting the Twinkie in half.  That was a lot of Twinkie in her mouth.  He watched mesmerized as she chewed, waiting for that tongue to dart out again, and brush those succulent lips.  And, there it was, sliding, with a bit of white clinging to it, softly massaging over her lips.  He watched the Coke bottle rise, her tongue reached out to the end, to meet it, her lips slid over the edge of the bottle and she tipped it back, drinking.  The 'whatever' hung in the air, held aloft by his fingers which had all gone numb.  His mouth hung open; ready to receive the 'whatever' that never arrived.  He felt her eyes on him, and looked up.  Was it recognition?  "Do you want some" she asked, clearly for the second time.  He cleared his throat, and took a swig of his drink. 
    He leaned toward her as he said, "Sure" in a very husky voice.  It was the best he could manage under the circumstances.  She held the Twinkie half out to him, white cream on her fingers.  He held her gaze as he inched slowly toward her outstretched hand.  The smile left her face.  'Good' he thought to himself, 'let's dispense with the bullshit and get down to business.'  He opened his mouth and engulfed the Twinkie, as well as three of her fingers.  He let his lips close around her fingers and pulled back.  He swallowed the Twinkie half without chewing it, even to his own surprise.  He closed his mouth around her fingers again, letting his tongue slide between them, cleaning the Twinkie remnants off with a very wet sound.  His hand grasped her wrist gently; he stroked her wrist with his fingertips as he licked her fingers clean.  When he was finished, he drew his mouth around her fingers one last time, ending in an unmistakable kiss on her fingers.  All the while, he stared into her eyes.

Author Information

I love the power of the written word. I love the freedom to express thought. I love being able to breathe life into my characters, and watch as their story unfolds, almost without my involvement.

I have always loved writing, though I have always been afraid to let others read my words. A piece of literature is a piece of the author; a piece of erotic literature is not only part of the author, but also the sexuality and sensuality. I sit as exposed as my characters, willing to allow others to see what there is, and accept me or not.

Our words and thoughts are freedoms we must fight to maintain for they are ours; inalienable and permanent.


Publisher Information

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