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A Gathering Of Passions (Amanda Knights)

A Gathering Of Passions by Amanda Knights


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    • Average 5.0 from 1 ratings

This e-book is the conclusion of the Fire Dance series. At the beginning Gyneth has accepted forever as her fate as an owned and sexually used possession. With each step in the journey she is further bound by chains both real and imagined. Along the way impossible torment, bondage and savage takings of hers and others flesh- passions are endemic to a torturous degree. The agonies are all too real for those that suffer them with a sensual fortitude that can only be found in the sexually strong. Without exception the sex is pounding, raw and breathless. The final battle is not the end. Forever or not is a choice that is Gyneth’s alone to make.

As in the preceding Fire Dance e-books the story is illustrated with over eighty color images – many of them S&M themed. There are several intertwining story lines that come together during the climax. Knowledge of the preceding story and the embedded history is encouraged, but not necessary to enjoy this e-book on its own.

Lastly, as those that have followed the series can attest, the world Gyneth lives in is filled with necessary reflection, unleashed lust, unbearable pain, dark intrigue, ritual agony and blinding ecstasy. Reality and fiction are closer than you think.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2010

No. words: 33852

Style: Sado-Masochism (SM), Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: PDF  


“Your services are better kept in reserve,” Gordon said with a smile and telltale flicker of his eye lids. A sure sign her owner was thinking wickedly sexual thoughts. “For now, I\'m sure Master Malcolm has maintained a strong arm to apply a mean cane to female flanks.”
“Aye, that I have,” Malcolm assured, his eyes again assessing Gyneth as a sexual piece of lovely girl meat. “Many lads and mates hereabout send me their girlfriends, wives and daughters for meaningful correction and the occasional attitude adjustment. This supply of females in need of my talents seems endless, so I must be meeting the expectations of all parties involved.”
“That is comforting to know,” Gordon said with a laugh. “The world would not be right if your keen eye for welted female flesh and strong arm wasn\'t fully appreciated and in routine use.”
“I have quite a few female clients that are regulars,” Malcolm began to brag again. “Now mind you, I will only deliver fifty cane strokes total in any one week to a woman\'s hind quarters. After that, their backs and titties take the additional punishment...and all too rarely for my tastes, their cunts. But then when a girl fucks around, her cunt and tits get most of the attention....”
“Ah, the tales you could tell,” Gordon gently interrupted, his eyes meeting Gyneth\'s questioning look. “But unfortunately our time is short. And in light of Gyneth\'s need to reserve as much of her hide as possible for the Gathering, will fifteen or so work to harden Master Malcolm\'s cock for a rewarding deep bum exploring?”
“How about we make it two dozen?” Malcolm responded, Gyneth realizing the bargaining between her owner and Malcolm was the price in cane strokes she was going to pay for the weapon. The subsequent butt fuck would be nothing more than a tip for excellent services rendered.
“Twenty is the maximum I can allow for now,” Gordon offered, his hand stretched out to take the sword from Gyneth. The unfolding plot inciting the carnally insatiable Astridd to forget the sword and begin to work on maintaining Gyneth\'s all too easy sexual igniters primed for firing passions to flame.
“You have been in Yank land too long,” Malcolm said with a laugh. “We work in sixes over here, not bloody fives and tens.”
“All right you old fucker,” Gordon relented, “but twenty four is too much. I want Gyneth to be able to walk from here without your signature struggling waddle of a woman with heavily bruised buttocks and thighs. Then, fully delivered strokes are the rule. So let\'s make it eighteen of your best and we have a deal.”
“Agreed, but some stiffness in her walking for a day can\'t be avoided,” Malcolm said with lust coloring his voice as he reached up to high shelf taking down a case much like the ones that contained her sword.
“It wouldn\'t be a proper caning otherwise,” Gordon further yielded, his initial stance seemingly being eroded by the aura of eroticism filling the air. It was an explosive carnal atmosphere that was having an equal effect on Gyneth.
Withdrawing a formidable looking pale yellow cane from the case, Malcolm turned to face Gyneth and Gordon stating, “Of course standard penalty strokes will apply.”
“Of course,” Gordon said, placing Ravenous in its case. Closing the lid, he turned back to face a fearfully sexual, quivering Gyneth.
His eyes flickering, his lips curled into a wicked smile, Gordon handed Gyneth over to Malcolm with a sweep of his hand saying, “Malcolm, Gyneth is yours for the agreed to cane cuts plus any earned penalties. As is the norm in such matters, she will be pleased to reward you afterwards for fully delivered strokes. I guarantee your cock will find her rectum and beyond quite appreciative of your efforts on her behalf.”
“I look forward to enjoying such generosity,” Malcolm said, “and will work extra hard to earn the pleasure of fucking her bum hole.”
With Gordon\'s negotiation of a reasonable number of strokes, there was still no doubt that Malcolm would still test Gyneth\'s sexual edge to sensually suffer. A likelihood that reinforced Gyneth\'s resolve to avoid penalty strokes at all cost. Malcolm\'s sodomy would certainly be casually brutal, but a greater pleasure than the caning. The lustful look on his face and supporting instructions challenged Gyneth\'s thoughts of possible enjoyment and the possibility of sensually surmounting the allotted quota of pain over the next half hour or so.
“Cunt, my clients find their time with me more beneficial if they fully expose themselves to the cane\'s bite,” Malcolm said, pointing the formidable rod at a saddle like support. “Please position to give me a good target and the cane full access to your backside.”
The resulting shiver of fear was too damn delicious, her traitorous sex beginning to soak with expectation. The cunt\'s hormonal injections of body and mind exciting, submissive euphoria played her emotions to pre-pain highs. Her brief hesitation before the raised support was misunderstood by Gordon.
“Gyneth dear,” Gordon urged, “it is time to pay Master Malcolm for his valued services.”
And Gyneth did…..

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