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A Tale Of Two Slaves (Diana Philbrick)

A Tale Of Two Slaves by Diana Philbrick


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    • Average 3.9 from 8 ratings

The world has descended into chaos by the middle of the 21st Century. Millions are dead and millions more are starving, just barely surviving. In many places, mobs rule. In others, strongmen have taken over and reintroduced slavery as a way to rebuild society. The USS Oceanic, a nuclear powered ocean liner, has remained at sea during this global catastrophe, untouched by the disasters taking place on the land. That is, until its nuclear fuel reaches a dangerously low level. Marines are dispatched to find more. Tale of Two Slaves is the story of two young women--Lori Rather, who is exiled from the Oceanic for her involvement in the accidental death of another passenger, and Dana Thomas, a beautiful, but hard-as-nails lieutenant of the ship's Marine regiment. Both are captured in an area known as the wilderness and enslaved. Both reject their slavery, but in very different ways. One of them is finally rescued by a the Marines. The other meets a different end.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 11 / 2010

No. words: 60700

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Flynn watched the great ship move across the horizon. She was impressive even at this distance. The Atlantis of our age, he thought, then immediately shook off the image. The Oceanic was no dream. She was just an ocean liner, a luxury refuge for pampered sheep.
For years he had watched her cruise these waters, literally salivating at the thought of taking her as a prize. Not very likely with ancient deer rifles and canoes, he remembered, which is why he was so interested in her unusual behaviour. Something was different this time. She was moving slowly, just making headway, and much closer to shore than usual. Something was wrong, he could feel it.
Usually, the ship got this close at night to land Marines, returning a few nights later to pick them up. He was aware of it only after. It was maddening. With more warning, he could have ambushed them, maybe captured someone for questioning. The Oceanic owned the night with its technology while his men barely managed to stumble around after dark.
So why was the ship loitering off his shore in the daytime? Sightseeing...? Were they curious, maybe staring at him now through long-range telescopes and binoculars? He dismissed the idea. Even gods wouldn't linger off these dangerous shores for such a purpose. No, there was something else, something he wasn't seeing.
He tried to think of other possibilities...
It was hard to concentrate with the girl sucking so frantically on his cock. She was trying too hard. He understood her reasons, but the goal was to arouse not annoy. He pushed her back onto her haunches and she looked at him. The fear in her almond-shaped eyes was more exciting than her mouth, he decided.
They were always too eager to please in the beginning. That was natural. He would teach her, show her how to turn a man on by approaching hesitantly, how to use her tongue and mouth with passion, how to shudder and moan sensually... There were a thousand ways to arouse a man orally. His clients were sophisticated. They didn't want to rut with a girl, they wanted to be entertained.
She was a beauty though, there was no denying that. Both of them were--thin, hard bodies, full lips, expressive eyes, round shapely asses, firm breasts... It was a good omen to have bagged such a special pair so early in the season. A very good omen...
He looked down at her again. She was twisting her torso beautifully, trying to ease the pain in her shoulders. He had tied her wrists and elbows. It was his favourite: the way it pushed out their breasts and made their bodies arch; the way it made their nipples pop; the way it made them totally available yet totally helpless.
She oozed sex tied like this, and sex sold well even in these desperate times.
Her gripped her bare shoulders and turned her body to the side. Some women didn't look right with their elbows tied together--too much flesh, or muscle, or bone...whatever. This one had just the right body type and she was flexible. She would be able to handle this for a very long time. That will appeal to buyers. There would be pain for her of course, but it will show up as urgency in her eyes, an exciting desperation. Adding a white sash to her hips will balance the image, call attention to those incredibly long legs. She would be exquisite, irresistible.
Presentation was everything with slaves. It was important to win the buyer's heart and mind as well as his libido. That's what had earned him his reputation.
He turned the girl back to face him and considered how she might look with gold nipple studs. They were in vogue these days. Just for accent, he thought. It would complement the pain in her face. But maybe might be too much. Her natural beauty and innocence are what will sell this one. With her, sex needs to be a subtle undercurrent, a promise of things to come. Flynn lifted her face higher. Pity and lust, that's what he wanted her prospective buyers to feel for her...,equal parts of pity and lust.
He lowered himself to the ground in front of her and crossed his legs. She held her legs tightly closed. Charming, he thought...deliciously innocent. Girls who came across as sexually hungry, no matter how beautiful, were less valuable. He pushed gently on her bare leg with his fingers. A tear appeared, but she opened them.
...Obedience, another good sales feature.
She was obviously trying to win his approval, trying to cooperate in return for…for what? What did she want? ...His understanding? That was no problem. He understood her feelings completely; he just didn't care. No matter how smart they were, they always came to this realization too late.
He smiled and pushed on her leg again. She spread them wider, blushing furiously. He lifted her head higher until she was looking directly at him then moved in closer, blocking her legs with his knees. She was confused for a moment then her eyes widened as he reached for the crop.
Wait...what was that? Under her fear he detected a hint of submission. Excellent. And she had stayed silent as well. No senseless babble. That also hinted at her submissive nature.
He put a single attention-getting stroke across the inside of her thigh. She sucked in a breath and looked down at the red stripe, but remained quiet. Excellent, he thought, great instincts.
"That was a good effort," he said softly in a soothing voice.
"It's important to be enthusiastic when you are giving a blow job, but any man can do what you were doing for himself with his own hand."
He struck her again, maintaining the understanding smile on his face. It was important for her to believe that he wanted her to succeed, that this pain was regrettable, but necessary. She looked at him as if begging his forgiveness. He blinked in pleasant surprise. Many girls were so desperate to please that they willingly accepted the pain for their failure. She was one.
She began to twist her torso again.
Her sister, lying a few feet away, was watching everything.
"A good cocksucker," he explained, "is one who makes her man feel powerful, worshipped; she makes him believe that his prick is something sacred, that she savours it's sweetness, that her greatest joy will be to receive its juice."
He cropped her again on the inner thigh. Tears were flowing freely now, but she stayed in place staring at him and, incredibly, nodding her agreement.
"A man wants to feel your lips and your tongue. He wants to see your adoring eyes, to hear your soft sucking noises, to know that you want his cum inside you more than anything else in the world. He wants you to take his balls into your mouth and moan with joy, to lick them reverently like an ice cream, to show him by these low acts that you are his, his to use as he pleases."
There were no ice cream cones in the wilderness of course, but the image had survived and been passed on.
He cropped her sharply on the underside of each breast. She yelped sharply and her nipples darkened. He could see the blood rushing to her skin. He watched as her mouth opened unconsciously and her tongue reached out between her lips. He had suspected that she was sexually responsive to pain, now that was also confirmed. Another excellent sales feature, he thought.
"Your master will use whatever hole he desires, depending on his mood," Flynn continued, "but your mouth is the special one. It makes him feel powerful to degrade you in that way. It makes you feel subordinate to allow it. These feelings are the basis for a spectacular sexual encounter. Don't ever waste such a glorious opportunity with mindless sucking and pulling."
He struck her again on each thigh.
"Do you understand?"
She nodded. Her eyes were half closed now and her nipples seemed black with blood, He knew they would be rock hard. Men will kill each other for this one, he thought.
He got back to his feet, and she immediately rose to her knees, pressing her cheek softly against his hard prick. He struck her once on the ass and she immediately tilted her head to one side and began to lick his balls. The technique was still a little too aggressive, but it was definitely improved. She's teachable, he decided. In a few weeks, she will be exquisite. He grabbed a handful of hair to steady her then used the crop on her flanks.
She was breathing heavily only half aware of how she was using her mouth and tongue. It's an instinct for some, he thought, something that doesn't need to be taught, just give them the right motivation and... He pushed her away gently and walked to where her sister was tied.
The girl was lying face down on the grass. Her arms had been pulled thought her legs and her wrists tied to her ankles. This forced her legs apart and her ass up high. It was an effective way to fuck her in the ass. Flynn paused to appraise her from the rear. Her ass cheeks were taut and framed her asshole beautifully. Her swollen pussy lips hung down like tiny udders. He resisted the urge to touch her, sensing that she was too hot to handle right now, too close to climax.
He cropped her ass hard to bring her back from the edge. Pain was a good way to dampen someone in heat. She screamed and tried to crab-walk away. It was impossible and all she managed to do was to dig her face further into the grass. This one had resisted when they raided the village. She was a fighter, which had given him an idea for pairing them.
They both had the same general body type, but the sister, the one who fought, was harder, more athletic. She'll suffer as a slave, he decided. She'll resist and men will see that as a challenge. The result will be serious pain for her. That doesn't matter of course, but many buyers hesitate to take on a difficult slave. If I can keep present this one as a counterpoint to her more pliant sister, I might be able to earn a premium. What man doesn't want the options of selecting soft or rough depending on his mood?
Flynn knelt down near her head.
"You will finish what your sister started," he said. "There are muscles in your ass that can make a man feel like a king. Find them and use them."
He leaned down and whispered into her ear.
"If I'm not satisfied, I'll make your pain a lesson for her then sell you separately."
The girl turned her head towards him, eyes blazing.
He used the crop again. She made an animal-like sound and twisted her ass higher into the air. She's offering herself to me, he realized. She's unconsciously positioning her ass to be more attractive, more easily entered. Her body is doing what it can, inducing me to fuck her, to stop the pain. Amazing. He looked down at himself and realized that it had worked. He was rock hard. He pushed his cock into her asshole, unconcerned with her startled cries then waited. When she settled, he began to pump.
Just then the ship caught his eye. It was still holding steady three miles off the coast. He thought about sending men down to the beach in the morning...just in case, then refocused on the girl. She was rotating her ass, pulling him more deeply inside; His balls were swinging into her swollen vulva.
If they land a party, he thought, I'll capture one of them this time even if I need to sacrifice a hundred men. It would be dangerous to ignore such a provocation. His people were loyal because they knew that he controlled this part of the wilderness. Any intrusion needed to be met with strength. He wouldn't survive if they though he was weak.
It had been the same when he patrolled the highways hereabouts as a state trooper. Any sign of weakness and people would walk all over you.
Captain Robert H. Flynn, D Troop, Oregon State Police. The title still had a nice ring to it and the perks, the perks couldn't be beat--girls, booze, food, fast cars--whatever he wanted. His ride had been a 500cc Land Cruiser back then. That monster could catch just about anything. People would shit in their pants when he roared up behind them, siren screaming. Those were the days.
He had administered a lot of road justice from the belly of that beast, he recalled fondly. Things aren't all that different today, at least for him, he thought
The girl was rotating her ass and simultaneously moving up and down. He began to respond, countering her movements with his own. He could feel her anus tightening and loosening at exactly the right moments. She was world class at this, he thought. I'll need to make that known to the buyers. They were always interested in special talents. He smiled again--these two were going to earn him a lot of money.
Sensing that they were near the end, he pushed harder and faster. She responded by thrusting back with the full power of her legs and abdomen, snapping her entire body to meet his thrusts. She had no choice with her wrists tied to her ankles. Her sister watched in horror and fascination.
Suddenly, the girl's body contracted with bone crushing tension then exploded in a long series of spasms. He held back, waiting until her muscles relaxed then let go. An aftershock was more interesting for him, more painful for her. The girl screamed again, half in pain, half in response to her second climax. The sound echoed off the nearby trees, creating a Wagnerian finale to their copulation.
Flynn pulled out slowly and turned her onto her back. She lay there trembling with her legs spread wide open, pulled down by the weight of her leaden arms. Her pussy was literally trembling. He glanced at the sister. They would be tied together tonight without gags so they could talk about this. It would break down their resistance.
In a week, he predicted, they'll be begging to be fucked. In three, they won't know if their begging is an act or if it's real. Slavery is a state of mind. Once they see themselves as slaves, it won't matter one way or the other.


A bit different to usual, long and enjoyable read. 4 out of 5 (JBC)

Second-rate both as a post apocalyptic thriller and as a BDSM novel. Leaving details to the imagination of the reader has it´s thrills, but most ot the time it doesn´t work here. Biggest turn-off: the "mad" professor (I apologize if this is meant as a satire) 2 out of 5 (wabi)

An apocalyptic tale yet the development of the female character fits well into the story...without technology what do societies they degenerate backwards towards a more primitive social structure..I have read all of her books and this is by far her most believable and stunning female character..what happens next? 5 out of 5 (Elliott)

  Author reply: Thank you. The pattern of "good times" followed by "bad" is an established part of our history. It's interesting to consider what our bad time will be like. DP

Author Information

I enjoy submission. It opens the door to another world--one filled with extremes of sexual feeling that just don't exist anywhere else.
NYC is home, but I travel often for work writing stories about BDSM along the way.

Your feedback is important to me. Please leave a comment or write to


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