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Captured, Enslaved, Trained And Sold At Auction (W.L. Dowd)

Captured, Enslaved, Trained And Sold At Auction by W.L. Dowd

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    • Average 4.4 from 29 ratings

Abducted and held captive as sex slaves, Julie and other family members are subjected to unmerciful bondage and relentless torment. The helpless women are forced to endure intensely humiliating training and torturers, at the hands of a ruthless family of slavers. Enslaved at a secluded compound where the acquisition and auction of helpless slaves is a business, they witness things they could never imagine, including the training of ‘ponygirls.’ Bound, gagged, hobbled and leashed, they visit a facility at the compound where dozens of beautiful young women (and some not so young) are broken and trained as ponygirls. But for these women, there is nothing more terrifying and intense than watching a friend endure their fate as they’re displayed and enjoyed on the auctioneer’s stage!

This is the fifth and final episode in the series that comprises:

Book 1 - Julie`s Abduction Nightmare
Book 2 - The Bondage Community
Book 3 - Julie - Bound and Sold
Book 4 - Julie - Cruelly Bound and Enslaved
Book 5 - Captured, Enslaved, Trained and Sold At Auction

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 11 / 2010

No. words: 34000

Style: Sado-Masochism (SM), Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Tony and Lucy were the owners of the mansion and slave farm that Julie and most of her family now resided at. They were ruthless and dominant individuals who thoroughly enjoyed the suffering and degradation of their subjects.
Tony was a very handsome and well-built man in his early 50s, with silvering hair, and a muscular and toned body. His dark eyes and calming smile were seductive in an evil sort of way. His exceptionally dominant and demanding demeanor gave him a heightened level of control over the slaves. And as one might imagine, he had a special liking for the teenage girls when it came to selecting his own personal sex slave.
Lucy was his beautiful wife. She was much younger than her stately looking husband. In her early thirties, she was 5’ 6” tall and weighed in at a delightful 120 lbs., soaking wet. Born to Asian parents, her exceptionally pretty face, flawlessly smooth skin, and perfectly shaped body was intoxicating to any man, and many women.
But what made Lucy such a unique woman and slaver, was her insatiable desire to be pleasured by another woman. That’s not to say that she didn’t have a very satisfying relationship with her husband, because she did, but Lucy also thrived on training captive women to please her sexually. And she took extra special delight in breaking women who were 100% straight. The intense pleasure she received from slowly transforming her unwilling captives into compliant lesbian sex slaves was phenomenally exciting for her. It’s what she enjoyed most in life. And as ‘Mistress Lucy,’ she flourished in her pleasures.
“Come on young lady. You’re at your new home now,” said Tony as he guided the struggling woman toward the van’s doors.
“Careful now, you have a step,” said Tony as he slowed her approach to the rear doors.
She immediately started to search for the rear threshold with her foot. When she finally found it, she slowly eased herself down to the step, and then to the pavement. Hooking his finger around the rod that stretched between her swollen nipples, he immediately pulled the hooded creature toward the grand set of stone stairs that led to the Penn’s front door. Unable to resist the pull of the rod threaded through her pleasure buds, she quickly followed blindly behind the man.
Shortly after Tony and the mystery woman in black cleared the van’s doors, Lucy made her way into the van to collect her slave. Wearing a lavender and white sleeveless sun dress, made from thin cotton that barely covering her otherwise naked body, she quickly released Julie from her seat. Snapping a leash to the D-ring on Julie’s wide posture collar, she gave it a gentle tug upward. Struggling some to stand, Julie slowly rose to her feet and followed her mistress to the rear of the van. With her arms bound tightly behind her, she had to take great care in stepping out of the vehicle.
After safely exiting, Lucy led Julie toward the grand granite stairs that led up to the large wooden front entrance doors of the mansion. Julie could see the woman in black just ahead of her. Hooded, encased and bound, she struggled to reach the top of the steps while being pulled along by the torturous rod. Once she and Tony reached the top landing, the large medieval looking doors to the mansion swung open. Quickly, the two disappeared through the large opening.
Julie’s trip up the stone steps was a little slower than the mystery woman’s. Lucy seemed to be in no hurry, and that was fine with Julie. The effort it took to climb the many stairs while in such extreme high heels and bound as she was, was considerable. With each step, her nicely toned calf muscles were flexing and straining to lift her body upward to the next step. When they approached the upper landing, Lucy spoke.
“I heard that Kelly was convicted on all the charges and received a rather stiff sentence. I thought three years enslavement in the Bondage Prison was pretty harsh. But what do I know about their laws and penalties? And when I heard about her new nipple adornments and the regular ass fuckings she was sentenced to endure, I did feel for you. It must have been very difficult to watch your daughter being led away as an inmate to such a facility?”
With the large ball gag still jammed between her teeth, spreading her sore jaw wide open, Julie couldn’t respond to her mistress.
“But we do have good news here. During your absence, Carol and I were able to focus rather intently on your sister’s training. It’s been grueling and demanding on her, but she’s responding. It won’t be long before she’s as talented as you are at licking my wet pussy. I told you she would make the perfect addition to my personal stable.”
Once they entered the large front foyer, Lucy stopped, turned to Julie, and unbuckled her ball gag. Pulling on the loose straps, the ball was dislodged from behind her white teeth, slipping out from between her sexy lips. It took Julie several seconds to regain the use of her stiff lower jaw. Then, after taking a deep breath, Julie responded as she’d been trained.
“Thank you Mistress.”
“You’re welcome……. And I’m sure you’re pleased to hear of your sister’s progress as well.” With a wicked sarcastic tone in her voice, she continued. “I know how much you’re looking forward to serving side by side with your beautiful sister!”
Looking toward the floor, and with a low soft tone, she replied, “Yes Mistress I am…..”
With a gentle tug on the leash, Lucy was now leading Julie through the large sprawling mansion. The loud clicking sound of Julie’s tall thin heels on the stone floor was echoing throughout the spacious halls. Julie knew this was the telltale sound of a slave on the move, and that any of the many visitors and staff who regularly occupied the mansion would be going out of their way to get a look at her. And she also knew how much folks enjoyed catching a glimpse of a slave with a clit ring. Especially a ring decorated with fine jewelry as hers was. With each step, she could feel the expensively elaborate set of 3” long diamond studded chains swinging freely from her clit ring.
Julie knew that the sight of a tightly bound and naked woman, collared and leashed, with the rings of slavery dangling from her nipples and clit, was not a rare thing at the mansion, but, it was certainly still a very exciting thing to see. And she knew that no one within ear shot of her clunking heels would miss the opportunity to gawk at her.
Walking toward her lavish bedroom quarters with Julie closely in tow, Lucy continued.
“Did you miss me my dear?”
“Yes Mistress, I did.”
Julie had been in the personal service of Mistress Lucy for many months now, and she knew exactly how to respond properly. In fact, she actually did find herself missing her mistress. Seeing her daughter so brutally sodomized by the judge’s large throbbing cock, made her appreciate her lesbian enslavement even more.
Lucy might have been a relentlessly demanding mistress, requiring unimaginable amounts of sexual pleasure from her slaves, but she didn’t have a large punishing cock that was constantly longing to be satisfied. And the longer she stayed in the service of another woman, the more she began to appreciate it.
“I’m sure you did,” replied Lucy. “And as I already said, Carol and I have been focusing on your sister’s training. Laura is a strong willed woman who continues to endure her training with great reluctance. But remember when I told you some months ago that I would someday own her too…… and now I do! Well mark my words, I will break her. She will serve with the same compliance and desire to please me as you do!”
Laura was Julie’s younger sister. At 5’ 7” tall and 120 lbs., the 39 year old beauty shared many of Julie’s spectacular features, just as a sister should. Laura’s long silky smooth legs blended seamlessly into her succulently rounded ass, which in turn transitioned flawlessly through her hips. From there, her flat stomach and toned torso flowed directly to her full breasts, which like her sisters, were unnaturally well shaped and extended magically from her chest for a woman of her age.
It was immediately event to everyone who saw their naked bodies that their womanly frames were blessed with the gift of natural beauty and unfading youth. What made them most distinguishable was the color of their hair and eyes. Laura had a full head of long stark blonde hair and big blue seductive eyes that would briefly immobilize any man who would get caught in her seductive stare.
While on the way back to her mistress’s layer, Julie wasn’t sure who was more humiliated by their current enslavement. Was it herself, being forced to watch her younger sister Laura being trained as a lesbian slave? Or was it Laura, who was being tortured into sexually satisfying another woman in front of her older sister?
As Julie fully expected, several folks had managed to get a good long look at her, as she was slowly paraded through the mansion. Lucy made sure to walk nice and slow when there was an audience. She knew how powerfully humiliating it was for a once proud and powerful woman like Julie, to be on full display as a slave at the end of a leash. Approaching her bedroom with her prize slave in tow, Lucy reached for the door knob. Slowly she turned the knob and opened the large wooden door, as she led Julie inside.
As soon as they entered, Julie could see Carol sitting back on a padded chair, her ass perched on the very front edge of the seat, with her legs spread wide. Carol wore a black cupless corset, laced tightly around her midsection, with four narrow garter straps connected to her sheer black stockings that encased her majestic legs. Her black high heel shoes had her feet and toes pointing sharply downward as she sat in the chair. Her well-developed calf muscles were flexing tight as her hands grasped at the sides of the chair’s seat.
Carol was a very attractive Latino woman in her early thirties. At 5’ 7” tall, she had long black straight hair, big brown eyes, plump sexy lips, and a healthy hourglass figure that made her a real head turner.
With her head flung back, and her open mouth projecting upward to the ceiling, the sounds of Carol’s moaning pleasures filled the room. Her impressive globes appeared to be pulsing with each rapid breath, as the tightly laced corset squeezed them upward and out.
Immediately, Julie spotted her sister’s head nestled between Carol’s slender smooth thighs. Kneeling before Carol, her unmistakable blonde hair was pulled back tightly into a ponytail, centered perfectly at the back of her head. Naked, except for her collar and cuffs, Laura’s wrists and elbows were bound tightly behind her back. Her dangling ponytail was now swinging about as her neck and body strained to keep her mouth firmly planted on Carol’s grinding womanhood.
Standing only several feet away, Julie became mesmerized by the sight of her sister working so hard to please Carol. Her eyes were frozen on the sight of Laura’s face buried in the vagina spread open before her. And the deeper she pushed her probing tongue into Carol’s drooling slit; the more Carol’s body pushed back with intense pleasure.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh………… Mmmmmmmmmmm…… ohhhhhhhhhh my, that’s really good,” moaned Carol.
Soon Carol’s breathing became more of a rapid panting.
“Yes, yes, that’s it, right theeeeere….. Don’t stop, haaa, haaa, HAAA, YES, that’s so gooooood!”
It was obvious that Carol was on the verge of climaxing. With her high heels digging hard into the floor, her crotch began to lift slightly off the seat as her stocking clad knees began to close around Laura’s head. The closer her legs drew closed, the more Laura had to struggle to keep her lips attached to Carol’s pussy.
Julie couldn’t tell if the feeling building inside her was that of excitement at the scene unfolding before her, or pitiful horror as she appeared to be witnessing her sister’s submissive capitulation to her new existence. Either way, she couldn’t make herself look away.
“Ohhhh my, I’m almost there honey. Stroke my clit with your tongue. Yeeees, that’s it. Ahhhhhhhhhh, stoke it baby, stroke it. Make me CUUUUM!”
Suddenly, Carol’s head and shoulders thrust forward as she quickly grabbed the back of Laura’s head with both hands and pulled it tight to her spasming cunt. Within seconds her firm slender body was shivering with excitement as her womanhood exploded with pleasure.
Forcefully holding the blonde haired head tight to her crotch, Carol rode Laura’s mouth to a full and complete orgasm. Carol’s ability to prolong an intense climax had always been amazing, and now Julie was starting to get concerned about her sister’s ability to breathe. Every muscle in her body appeared to be flexing as Carol screamed out, “AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, YES….. YES…… That’s IT!”
Then finally, with one last spastic jerk and loud grunt, Carol’s body began to relax. Slowly, she released her death grip on Laura’s head. The muffled sound of Laura’s frantic moaning could now be heard escaping from the folds of Carol’s sex. But she knew better than to stop her work before instructed to do so. Even though she knew Carol had completed her intense orgasm, she kept lapping at the woman’s wet dripping slit. She could feel Carol’s love juices coating her lips, chin and cheeks.
Finally, Carol spoke. “You may stop now…… And look, your Mistress has returned, and she has your sister with her.”
Slowly, Laura pulled her head back from Carol’s glistening pleasure box, and turned toward Lucy and her sister. She had heard someone enter the room while she was performing her duties, but she didn’t know who it was. The intense humiliation of knowing her sister just witnessed her suck Carol to a full orgasm, and that she was about to see Carol’s female fluids coating and dripping from her face, was mind numbing for her. Had she not already been on her knees, she would have fallen to the floor in shame and embarrassment.
Julie was stunned by the sight of Laura’s cum soaked faced. Her lips and chin were dripping with Carol’s feminine juices. And when Laura’s big blue eyes met hers, she could see the look of humiliating defeat in her beautiful eyes. Julie’s heart sank as she realized that her little sister was now broken. Just like herself, Laura was now doomed to a life of lesbian servitude, while serving a demanding mistress alongside her own sister!
Strolling over to Laura who was still kneeling on the floor, Lucy reached around her head and took a hold of her thick blonde ponytail. And with a stern look on her face and tone in her voice, she jerked Laura’s head back and said, “My slave, I don’t believe you properly thanked Carol for the pleasure of servicing her!”
Realizing her mistake, Laura’s eyes widened with fear as she quickly tried to turn on her knees to face Carol. When Lucy finally released her grip on the tail, she turned slightly, looked up at Carol, and said, “Thank you Ma’am. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of licking your pussy.”
Looking down at the blue eyed blonde, Carol gently took her chin in her hand and said, “You’re welcome. And I’m quite sure you’ll get another opportunity to please me.”
“Thank you Ma’am, I look forward to serving you again.”
Laura and Julie knew to call Carol ‘Ma’am’ and not ‘Mistress.’ They knew that Carol was also an indentured slave to the Penns, but Carol had managed to become a trainer to assist the Penns with their many slave training needs. Collared and controlled, her fiery Latino attitude and intense sex drive made her the perfect trainer, once she was broken herself.
But for Carol, her enslavement was also very personal. Not only did she prefer the life of an indentured trainer over that of a sex slave, but she knew that her husband had also been captured and enslaved at the same time she was. And she knew that the quality of his existence depended greatly on her performance as a trainer for the Penns. Although she rarely saw her handsome and very studley husband, she knew that Lucy’s sister currently owned him, and that any indiscretion on her part would get back to her immediately.
“That’s better my slave…… Carol would you please help Laura to her feet.”
“Yes Mistress,” she replied as she pulled Laura from her knees. But getting Laura stable on her feet wasn’t easy. It took a moment for her to get balanced atop the incredibly high heels that still encased her feet.
“Are you happy to see me, and your lovely sister?”
In a quiet and subdued tone, she replied, “Yes Mistress.”
“I thought so. And I know Julie is pleased to be home as well.”
Pulling the two closer together, Lucy began to gently stroke the undersides sides of Julie’s amazing breasts with her soft hands, before she spoke again.
“The poor thing had a very traumatic visit to the Bondage Community. It seems Kelly was convicted on all charges, and received a rather brutal three year sentence at the Bondage Prison.”
With an insincere look of concern on her face, Lucy looked into Laura’s wide eyes, and said, “Your niece was apparently a very bad girl.”
Shaking her head in disbelief and despair, Laura instinctively looked to Julie with a consoling expression of concern on her face. She knew what it meant to be an inmate at that awful place and she wanted to comfort her sister in some way, but she knew better than to speak without permission.
Lucy quickly saw the emotional connection between the sisters. Still gently stroking the bottom sides of Julie’s sensitive pleasure mounds, Lucy also noticed her ringed nipples growing harder with each long stroke of her talented fingers. Then, with an evil smile spreading across her face, Lucy cupped the fleshy tits in the palms her hands and began to squeeze.
As Lucy’s grip slowly tightened on Julie’s fully exposed globes, her lungs suddenly exhaled sharply. Lucy continued to sink her fingers into her meaty jugs until Julie’s eyes closed and her head rolled back on her shoulders. And it didn’t take long for her mouth fall open, followed by a long moaning exhale.
Sensing Julie’s need to refill her lungs, Lucy’s white knuckled grip on her tits suddenly released, allowing her large firm breasts to quickly jerk back to their normal resting positions. As her eyes slowly opened, Lucy was staring directly into them with a silly smirk on her face.
“I can see your sisterly bonds haven’t diminished at all. We’ll see how well that plays out as the two of you begin to compete for the privilege and pleasure of serving your Mistress. Being my favored slave WILL come with its rewards.”
That last sentence seemed to resonate with-in each of the defeated sisters. They no longer thought about escaping from the mansion. The months of training and punishments had finally won out. Freedom and all its dignities no longer clouded their thoughts. Each of them now appeared to understand the importance of performing whatever humiliating and gut wrenching task was demanded of them. Only with compliance could they escape more punishment and gain favor.
“Julie my dear, your lovely sister’s face is a sloppy mess. I do believe she needs some assistance, do you agree?”
Knowing that nothing good was going to come of this, Julie gently nodded her and head and softly said, “Yes Mistress, it appears so.”
“Well then, would you like to lick Carol’s juices from her face? I believe she’ll appreciate that!”
“Yes Mistress,” she responded. But as soon as Julie began to move forward to comply, Lucy quickly jerked her back.
“Was that ‘Yes Mistress’ because you want to help you sister, or was that ‘Yes Mistress’ because you agree she’ll appreciate it?”
Julie quickly realized that Lucy was now messing with her fragile mind. Lucy was exerting her ability to further control and humiliate the both of them, and she was enjoying her power. The process of controlling and breaking down a slave’s mental state was never complete.
With her eyes cast toward the floor, not wanting to make contact with her sister, she replied, “Mistress, I’m sure she will appreciate my help, and I am pleased to assist.”
“Very well, proceed,” said Lucy as she released her grip on Julie’s arm.
With her eyes still cast down, she shuffled the three feet forward that it took to reach her waiting sister. When her eyes finally did rise up to see Laura’s face, she was relieved to see that her eyes were now closed.
Moving closer, as her tongue began to extend from her mouth, their ring tipped tits collided. Julie was so focused on reaching her sister’s face with her tongue that she forgot all about the inevitable collision of their ample breasts. And when their sensitive globes began to press and rub together, Laura slowly drew in a deep breath as she prepared for the wet tongue that was about to lick the sticky juices from her face.
Right on target, Julie’s probing tongue made contact with Laura’s chin, and the tongue bath began. Methodically licking her way around Laura’s pretty face, Julie didn’t have the luxury of closing her eyes to escape. She had to carefully observe the effects of her work, to make sure that she removed all the sticky fluids that clung to Laura’s skin.
It wasn’t long before the only place left to clean was Laura’s succulent lips. They were elegant full lips, which until recently, had never made contact with another woman’s sex. Julie knew that delaying would certainly lead to punishment, so out slipped her soft tongue until it landed firmly on Laura’s closed lips.
She was sliding her smooth wet tongue back and forth across Laura’s sealed lips, and just about done removing all the slimy female juices, when Lucy stepped closer and spoke.
“Laura dear, she can’t properly clean the insides of your perky lips if they’re clamped shut like that. Relax your lips and let your sister do her work.”
Immediately, Laura’s lips parted followed soon by Julie’s slippery tongue sliding between them. Julie could feel Laura’s moist warm breath escaping her mouth and flowing across her extended tongue. Julie was now pushing her tongue deep between her sister’s pouty lips, scrapping against her teeth, as she probed for feminine fluids behind her lips.
The two had been forced to French kiss before, but to be licking another woman’s slimy pussy fluid from Laura’s face and mouth was an entirely different thing. Then, without warning, and completely unexpectedly, Laura released a grunting sigh as her tongue thrust into Julie’s mouth.
Next, and without a second thought, Julie responded in turn. The passion that was released in a spilt second’s time was quickly beginning to overtake them. Their mouths connected as their tongues eagerly explored. Wrapping and twisting together, their sisterly tongues and mouths were engaged in an incredibly heated exchange of raw passion.
From behind Julie, Lucy’s voice rang out. “Well look at that! Carol my dear; I do believe these two beautiful creatures have crossed the threshold of their new existence. I am so looking forward to the many hours of pleasure that these newly transformed lesbian sister sluts are going to give me!”
“Oh yes Mistress. You are a lucky woman, congratulations.”


An exciting conclusion with a fun twist at the end for this storyline. I hate to see this end since I would like to read about what happens next to these characters. 5 out of 5

A little shorter than other books but still great, just what I expected. Sorry to see the plot line end. The pony girl action was new and exciting. Would like to see more of that in future books. 5 out of 5

The connection between the characters was so well done. The familys humilating bondage and training was top notch. I found the entire read to be a serious cock throbber! 5 out of 5

Dissapointed to see the series end. This one like the rest was fun and stimulating ;) to read. Highly recommended if you enjoy hard B&D and training. 5 out of 5 (MB)

Great story and smooth read. I've enjoyed all of Dowd's work. He's become my new favorite author. 5 out of 5 (Dom)

I can't believe we're left to wonder about these womens torturous futures!!!!! OMG, lets hope this author writes a follow up or 2, the door is so wide open. 5 out of 5

The author is one of the best authors around. His stories give you the feelings that the slaves are feeling. He has been writing about mothers/daughters/sisters in a very erotic manner. If you enjoy bdsm books, you must have his books in your collection. I rate his books excellent to outstanding. 5 out of 5 (Chicago)

This is a 5+ book! I felt part of the womens helpless humilation and despair. The auction could have easily been expanded to make the tale longer. I get off on tit tort, training and hum so I really enjoyed the seriss overall. 5 out of 5 (slaver)

I hope his next series is as good. 5 out of 5 (JBC)

Consistently well written bondage smut. Particularly liked the passage with Carol. She needs to get more penetrating attention. Perhaps let her fall out of favour with her masters so she can be demoted to slave. 5 out of 5 (Mr.pushups)

Among the best I've ever read, sorry the ratings only go to a "5". 5 out of 5 (Eljay)

I give this one an A++ 5 out of 5

Excellent! The entire Julie series has been great. 5 out of 5

l have enjoyed the last in this series. it has left me wondering what will happen next in their lives, and how many babies Jenny bears for her new owners. 5 out of 5 (saffler)

Final book of the series still mild but interesting. The ending was a very enjoyable twist. Would have liked to have explored more of Julie's ex-husband and their relationship. 4 out of 5 (Stark47)

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A multiple award winning author whose 30+ years of enthusiasm and experience with bondage and domination will stimulate your deepest and darkest fantasies. Using my unusually wild and vivid imagination for tormenting sexual domination, deep humiliation and unrelenting pleasures, I write for the enjoyment of my loyal readers. So, please take a moment to rate my books and drop a quick review, it motivates my writing! And as always, comments, feedback or just a quick note to say 'hi' is ALWAYS WELCOME at


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