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Rosemary's Harem Ordeal (Martin Hughes)



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    • Average 4.0 from 1 ratings

Following Rosemary's ordeals which started with Rosemary's Martyrdom, Rosemary's situation gets even worse as the Sheik's assistants prepare her for the Harem!

A great stand-alone episode in the Rosemary saga.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 12 / 2010

Also Available in Paperback - Click Here

No. words: 42100

Style: Male Dom - M/F, HAREMS AND SLAVES

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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What she presumed was the body of Alice next to her, similarly clad in only a tracksuit, was lying on the floor of some sort of lorry which seemed to have tarpaulin shielding them from the intense heat of the sun - and any curious eyes. Rosemary had attempted to whisper, to find out whether it was her but a hand as hard as a table tennis bat whacked across her thinly covered buttocks, causing her to clench both cheeks against the sharp and unexpected blaze of stinging pain. An Arabic voice screamed at her to be silent. From then on, both captives had travelled on in silent, jolting, bumpy, dusty misery to an unknown destination. Soon Rosemary\'s mouth was parched; a cup of cool water would have been as welcome to her as bottle of champagne would have been in her previous existence.
Finally the motion of the truck ceased and uncaring hands pulled her from the tailboard onto hot fine sand. Then she was tugged blindly along with a firm grip on her bound arms.
A rug was under her bare feet, her hands were released and the blindfold pulled off. Rosemary found herself in a large tent alongside Alice, also being released. Before her stood two imposing middle-aged Arab women, they looked like how she would imagine nomadic Arabic tribes-women would, craggy-faced, wind-worn, harsh eyed. The two captives stood together and gripped each other for mutual support as the hard eyes of the women glared at them.
Rosemary had begun to ask, through parched lips, where they were when one of the women simply lashed out at her with a thin riding crop.
\"Silence, girl, all in good time! First, you will both undress.\"
She absorbed the pain of the flick across her legs with a small cry, hardly believing her ears. This Arab woman wanted them to undress in this tiny hot tent, take their clothes off! The women became agitated at the hesitation, one lashed at Alice\'s legs, causing her to cry out, the other grabbed Rosemary\'s track-suit top, ripping it half off a shoulder.
\"Strip now!\" she screamed at them.
No more hesitation. Both women were frightened, they knew they had no choice but to comply.
Finally, blushing crimson and with downcast eyes, Rosemary and Alice stood, shivering despite the desert heat, covering their trembling white nudity with their hands, aware of the harsh appraising eyes. The women spoke rapidly in Arabic then advanced on each nude figure. Roughly pulling Rosemary\'s concealing arms away from her body, one woman turned her round so that she could view her totally. She shivered again, eyes closed, as the woman ran her rough hands over her silken smooth breasts, feeling their firmness, the nipples like hard red buttons. She gasped as the cruel fingers held and pinched the erect buds, using them to pull her breasts upwards, distending and stretching them painfully.
Seeing red, Rosemary suddenly struck out at the woman. Half expecting some resistance, the blow was deflected and Rosemary held in a tight grip, then lashed across bare buttocks with a whippy cane, leaving her crying, two thin red wheals of fire across her flesh.
\"Any more trouble you get hurt more,\" growled the woman at her two captives. Her hands then continued their brief journey over Rosemary\'s flesh. Then on to Alice, feeling the slightly fuller figure, the smooth skin texture. Finally she had finished with both women.
\"You look all right, the Sheik may well accept you both into his harem. I shall get his personal physician to examine you two. First you,\" the woman grabbed Alice\'s arm, \"while you,\" she indicated Rosemary, \"will lie face down on the floor now and wait your turn.\"
The other woman left the tent but Rosemary gasped as she was replaced by a Negro youth, who looked to be no more than sixteen or seventeen years of age, who had strolled into the tent; he also carried a thin cane.
There was embarrassment as the boy gazed at them, openly, brazenly appraising their bodies. Blushing crimson under the scrutiny of this young lad, they hurriedly covered their nudity with their hands as best they could. Almost deliberately the Arab woman twisted Alice\'s arms up behind her back, arching her body forward exposing her, thrusting her totally before the lad.
\"You not hide yourself, you learn to display here,\" the woman cackled. The boy licked his lips as Alice was held just before him, her fairly large red tipped orbs thrust forward to jut scant inches from his body. Alice could only look down at her feet until the woman marched her out in an iron grip.
The Negro turned his full attention to Rosemary who still stood covering herself.
\"Down, girl, as ordered,\" he shouted, lashing out with his thin cane.
The irony of the situation had flashed through Rosemary\'s mind as she lowered herself at the feet of the young lad who had called her a girl! He gave her explicit orders and pushed and kicked her until she was lying exactly as the Arab woman had wanted. Face down legs and arms wide, nose to the carpet, eyes closed, completely still.
Maybe the Negro had left her, perhaps she was alone? Rosemary began very slowly to turn her head and to inch her legs closed from their blatantly wide position. Instantly she received another thin red swathe of pain across her smooth bare buttocks.
\"You no move, legs wide again or you get more,\" came the voice from above. Cringing, she opened her legs fully wide again - she guessed the lad had been sitting silently behind her, eyeing her exposed body.
The lad smiled as the pretty white woman resumed her indecent, motionless, position before him, he revelled in his power at having that control over her. He had not seen that many white women in the flesh before and these two were good. His eyes devoured the delightful, dipped curve of her spine, swelling to the creamy white orbs of her buttocks, the white globes crossed by the red lines of the cane. A tuft of fine hair was visible on the dark velvet flesh in the widespread cleft between her open legs, his loins tightened in appreciation.
After what seemed an age of silent uncertainty Rosemary was shaken out of her contemplation and review of events when she felt the tent flap open and heard Alice being brought back in by the Arab woman. Without thinking, half expecting another cut of the cane, Rosemary turned her head to look but saw that the Negro was looking at Alice too, rather than at herself. Alice\'s face was crimson and her body carried one or two more red lines from the cane. The young lad turned his attention to Alice now, instructing her to spread-eagle face down whilst Rosemary received a brisk slap across her buttocks from the Arab woman who ordered her up.
As if Rosemary was a hardened dangerous criminal instead of a frightened naked prisoner, the woman twisted her arms up behind her back as she had previously done to Alice.
\"Move,\" she ordered curtly as she pushed the lush white body out of the tent flap. Bright sunlight make Rosemary screw up her eyes, the heat from which hit her like a furnace. Conscious of her nudity and briefly aware of the stares and whistles of other Arabs and Negroes, she was marched across the sand, hot under her bare red-nailed feet and into another tent where she was given the most thorough and intimate medical examination she had ever received.
She had to stand, legs astride and arms outstretched at right angles like a rigid scarecrow whilst a cultured-looking Negro, in his forties she guessed, took over Rosemary\'s body. To assist him, and taking copious notes, was a young efficient and officious Negress nurse, probably still in her teens, who looked down her nose at the nude, captive white woman in a shiveringly arrogant way. The Arab woman who had brought her stood impassively to one side.
Any thought of modesty, any remaining that is, had to be forgotten, reinforced by the cane and the Arab woman\'s strong arm. The first time that Rosemary tried to pull back when the black hands began to touch her she received a line of fire across her soft bare thigh from the Arab woman\'s cane. Rosemary cried out.
\"Don\'t resist child,\" boomed the deep voice of the Negro. \"I am a physician and it is my job to check you over thoroughly to ensure that you are suitable for the Sheik. To do that I must get to know your body better than you do.\"
Rosemary simply had to endure as the Doctor explored every inch of her. She would occasionally catch a glimpse of the mocking eyes of the Negress as she scribbled up the doctor\'s notes. Firstly she had to bow her head towards him whilst his fingers ran through her hair and over her scalp, producing a not unpleasant electric tingle throughout her body. Then her tiny, shell-like ears were turned practically inside out and cold, hard implements pushed a little way into them. Black fingers pulled down the skin below her eyes, whilst he stared hard into her big green eyes, directing her to rotate her eyeballs round and round, then to read letters from a card held by the young nurse until the characters were too small to make out.
Rosemary felt so ridiculous, in her scarecrow posture, when she had to open her mouth wide and poke her tongue right out. Mouth wider, tongue out further until the physician was eventually satisfied. Every single tooth was touched, poked. His implement nearly made her choke so far did it intrude into her mouth. Then tears sprang to her eyes as those large fingers pulled her tongue out even further, lifting, turning. Keeping it so fully extended Rosemary had to lift and curl it before him - like a village idiot.
Then the fingers went to her throat, asking her to swallow a glass of beautiful cool water held by the course Arab woman as she stood, a naked scarecrow before them both. The physician noticed abstractly that his black, manipulating, hands now having moved over her soft milky smooth shoulders almost completely encompassed her beautiful white breasts. He could feel himself becoming slightly aroused despite the \"normality,\" for him, of such examinations of slave girls. He must concentrate on the task, despite the lush ripe, compliant, nudity presented before him, or risk losing this treasured job.
Rosemary gulped self-consciously. His hands were knowledgeable, all-knowing, made her body react involuntarily under his ministrations. Rosemary bit her lips as her red nipples became hard erect buttons under his cool firm fingers. The strong brown digit pulled and rolled those rubbery buttons, lifting her entire breasts, then pushing them hard up against her hammering rib cage. Always the mocking eyes of the Negress were there as she looked up from her note taking. Rosemary gave a squealing, wriggling, ticklish gasp as the hands travelled slowly over her flat belly, pushing, prodding.
Another gasp as a cold stethoscope was pushed against various parts of her chest and Rosemary had to breath in, hold it, exhale slowly etc. Rubber bands wre placed by the nurse around her arms to take her blood pressure. Then, keeping her arms outstretched, Rosemary had to turn her back to the doctor. His hands returned to her fluttering belly pushing it in. This time however, he stood right behind her so the firm smoothness of pert bottom was against him. Rosemary gasped as she felt the male hardness pressing against the soft cheeks of her bottom as his hands pulled her tight against him whilst he probed and pushed his hands into her shivering belly.
Thankfully the marauding hands moved onto her spine, tapping each joint carefully, working their way down to the inviting cleft of her buttocks. Then a finger going between the cool globes, pushing, prodding, made Rosemary wince.
The doctor held each cheek, feeling the smooth texture of the firm flesh, feeling the nates involuntarily but delightfully contract and clench under his hands. He realised that this was some woman, one who should bring much pleasure to the Sheik.
Later, lying on a medical couch, the Arab woman made Rosemary cry out again with another whippy cut of the cane when she failed to hold her legs as sufficiently wide apart as the Doctor directed. Her legs had to be wide open, knees bent and feet squarely on the bed, hands on her head. Only then did he stand between her spread thighs. Rosemary caught the hint of a hideous smile on the face of the young Negress behind the doctor\'s shoulder.
Rosemary closed her eyes as his fingers began exploring again, delving, pulling, stroking over her satin-soft velvet intimate flesh, making her squirm.
\"Urghh, aghh.\" Rosemary grunted and shuddered as gloved fingers were inserted into both of her orifices pushing inwards and towards each other.

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Martin Hughes has published dozens of bestselling novels of capture and B/D humiliation. His stories are strong and relentless.


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Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres.

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