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Enslaved By The Talistaun (W.L. Dowd)

Enslaved By The Talistaun by W.L. Dowd

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    • Average 4.4 from 36 ratings

The radical Talistaun now control the globe, and they’re out for revenge. With their new homeland established in America, they’re ready and willing to use whatever methods necessary to capture and punish the leaders of their former enemy. Using a brutal militia army to abduct the wives, daughters, sisters, mothers and other family members of their prime targets, the captured, bound and tormented victims are delivered to the Nation of Talistaun, where torture and other equally horrifying fates are unleashed on the innocent family members. Whether enslaved in the Milking Farm, the Breading Barn, the Pleasure Slave Stables, or the Interrogation Chamber, their torturous fates are video taped and broadcast across the internet until their loved ones are caught or surrender.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2011

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No. words: 43700

Style: Sado-Masochism (SM), Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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It’s a very different time in the history of our world and economic powers. After many years of covert terrorism and relentless attacks on society’s many governments, the Talistaun have finally managed to infiltrate and assimilate all levels of our global world. It became overwhelmingly apparent that they had the means and the desire to destroy all those who did not surrender to their will.
Within a year of gaining full control of every civilized government on the planet, the Talistaun had forged forward with their aggressive plan to make the United States the target of their full vengeance and the site of their new homeland.
Within the next year, they had managed to annex and clear the state of Texas of all those who did not outwardly practice and praise their radical religion and increasingly maniacal ways. It was a religion that unequivocally blessed the Talistaun as the one and only true and worthy culture to rule the planet. This was a religion based on the total control and complete domination over any other religion, race or society in existence. They now laid claim to whatever they wanted, and justified their actions based on the teachings that their self-proclaimed good-book set forth. This was a book written, interpreted and enforced by brutally evil men, who sought only to live out the dominant and sadistic pleasures they so frenziedly desired.
Soon, their newly conquered territory, within the heart of America, was surrounded by 20 ft tall walls that isolated their new homeland from the rest of the world. There were only a half dozen places where the enormous winding walls had gates capable of allowing entry, or escape! But it was Interstate 35 that was the main road in and out of Talistaun. And it was this location alone by which the Talistaun supplied their new territory with goods and other horrific cargo. It was at this ominous entry point where a large menacing sign, arched over the huge tall gates, prominently displayed the words, “You are entering the Nation of Talistaun,” in both English and Arabic.
Fortunately for the traumatized people of Texas, now known as the Nation of Talistaun, the vast majority of them managed to escape before it was too late. But there were some unfortunate souls unaccounted for, before the new Nation of Talistaun became a dark and secretive place where no one dared venture. And for those trapped behind, there was only wild speculation as to what might have happened to them.
But the leaders of the Talistaun were not ignorant, not at all. In fact, these leaders were some of the most highly educated and wealthiest energy barons that ever lived. They fully understood the importance of a functioning global economy, if they wanted to truly enjoy the fruits of their newly conquered world.
With the world’s countries and governments now under their uncompromising control, they knew it was vital to allow the average folks of the world to live fairly normal lives. There were no more billionaires about, but there were still those who lived well, along with those who struggled. Families and neighborhoods continued to thrive and drive the world’s economy, which in turn further lined the pockets of the Talistaun, increasing their power and control.
What the average person outside the Nation of Talistaun did not know, was the real evil that lurked behind the sealed borders. The Talistaun had declared all former high ranking members of any former adversary’s military a grave threat, and ordered that they be captured and delivered to Talistaun for interrogation and punishment. Hunted down by any means necessary, these former military heavy weights were systemically being apprehended and taken away!
There was a deep seated paranoia that was growing stronger by the day. The fear of an organized retaliation against them permeated the leadership. The Talistaun were wise enough to know that their enemies would not simply accept defeat. They were committed to doing whatever was necessary to gain important intelligence and crush anyone, or any group, who might strike back at them.
But to enforce their will and darkest sadistic desires, the Talistaun needed a secret military of sorts. It wasn’t long after they gained control of America that they discovered the numerous anti-government militias that existed across the nation. These were well organized groups that never accepted the government of the past, and were more than happy to take on the role of the Talistaun’s dark-side enforcers and intelligence collectors.
And as if the new world order wasn‘t frightening enough, there were awful stories of things taking place behind the tall walls that only rumor could describe. Stories of human slavery, torment and torture that frightened even the hardest of men. But the Talistaun controlled governments of the world worked hard to keep these rumors at bay, so as not to panic the ordinary citizen. As a result, no one dared talk about the things they may have heard. And for those who were overheard merely speculating, even in a whisper, they were quickly swept away and never heard from again.
The Talistaun made it very clear that if you minded your own business, worked hard for the good of their mother nation, and obeyed the laws and rules they imposed outside their walls, you would be left to live your life in relative peace. But this unwritten rule was becoming more and more difficult to blindly accept, as rumors about neighborhoods being raided, disbanded, and in some cases disappearing, grew even more wide-spread, all around the globe!

* * * * *

Naked, gagged, and stretched wide on the rack, Angelina’s exposed body was strapped tightly in place, leaving her to stare helplessly at the backside of the garage door. Angie knew it wouldn’t be long before the kids would be arriving for dinner, and get most the terrifying shock of their young lives.
With the men out of sight once again, she was left to sit alone in the middle of the garage bay and wait. The terrifying and frantic thought of her daughter, and especially Jason, seeing her like she was, completely consumed her tormented mind. She’d never felt so humiliatingly exposed as she glanced down over her immobile body to see her rock hard nipples extending from the tips of her large firm mounds. And looking between her thrusting globes, she could see the top edge of her neatly trimmed bush just below the lower strap, as the garage’s cool air penetrating her gapping pussy lips.
Finally, the moment she was absolutely dreading had arrived. Angie heard a car pull into the driveway and turn off its engine. Next, she heard two doors shut, followed by footsteps approaching the big door, and then the security code being entered into the garage door’s exterior control. Then, as her heart started pounding wildly in her chest, the door’s motor jumped to life and the door slowly began to rise.
As soon as the door started to lift, she saw the kids feet appear, and then their knees, as the big door slowly rose upward. Up and up the door went, revealing more and more of their waiting bodies as Angie’s wide and frantic eyes looked out. Then, in an unforgettable instant, Ashley’s and Jason’s faces came into full view as their shocked and confused eyes met hers.
The sight of Angie, naked and mounted to the rack, stopped them in their tracks. They froze as they processed the sight before them. Then, Ashley yelled out “MOM,” and ran toward her, but she didn’t get very far before the armed men suddenly appeared from their hiding places, with guns drawn and at the ready.
With their automatic weapons trained on the two of them, the Colonel spoke out.
“Welcome home! Come on in.”
With Ashley already several feet into the garage, the Colonel waved his gun at Jason who was still standing motionless in the doorway, and said, “Let’s go buddy, move inside and close the door behind you, NOW!”
Realizing that the best course of action for the moment was to do exactly as he was told, Jason stepped forward. Stunned and now staring at his bound and naked mother-in-law, Jason slowly made his way into the garage before re-activating the door’s motor. Slowly the large lumbering door lowered to its closed position once again.
“Hands behind your heads, LETS GO!”
Not sure what to do, or what to say, the young couple raised their arms in unison and positioned their hands as they were directed. With the two of them standing there with their hands behind their heads, one of the soldiers quickly circled behind them. Snapping a set of silver metal handcuffs on one of Jason’s wrists, his arms were abruptly pulled behind his back and cuffed tightly in place. Just as soon as he finished with Jason, Ashley felt a metal cuff snap tightly around her waiting wrist before her arms were also roughly pulled behind her and securely locked in place.
“Mom…… Mom, are you OK, what’s going on?” said Ashley.
Still gagged, Angie could only mumble and moan while she instinctively pulled and jerked at the straps that circled her body and limbs. Seeing them staring at her spread and exposed body, she tried to pull free and cover herself, but there was no chance of that happening.
“Your mother is fine my dear,” said the Colonel. “I suspect she’s rather embarrassed at the moment, but she’s unharmed. Now tell me Ashley honey, where can I find your father?”
“My father? I, I, don’t know. W-why do you want my father? What‘s going on!”
“Hmmm, I thought that might be your answer. And quite frankly, I would have been extremely disappointed it wasn‘t. My men and I are so very much looking forward to extracting the answer to that question from someone here today!”
Angie knew exactly what that meant as she again began grunting and groaning and twisting against her tight bonds.
“Collar them!”
Immediately, two of the armed men put down their weapons and retrieved two, 4” wide, black leather collars with four D-rings on each. From behind Ashley and Jason, the men quickly and skillfully wrapped the thick restraints around their necks and pulled firmly on the buckles. The tightening collars soon lifted their heads and chins upward from their shoulders, as if standing at full attention. Jason tried to resist being collared, but the man behind him was very strong. Cuffed as he was, Jason was in no position to prevent it.
Within seconds, Angie saw her daughter and son-in-law tightly collared as they stood handcuffed before her. But what Angie hadn’t noticed while she was so focused on the kids, was that the Colonel now held a small PDA device in his hands, and was intently entering some data into it.
When the men finished properly securing the collars, the Colonel stepped in front of Angie to get her attention. Facing her, he held the PDA up for her to see and smiled big as he pressed the little enter button.
Almost immediately Angie felt her body react. From deep inside she felt her body beginning to tingle and grow warm. Then, she felt her nipples and pussy begin to gently pulsate with pleasure. She was caught completely off guard by the sudden sensations that started surging through her. She suddenly inhaled deeply through her nose, before a slow stuttering groan began escaping from behind her gag. It didn’t take long for Angie to realize that it was the dreaded nanites being activated within her.
Both Ashley and Jason were now drawn to the sight and sound of Angie, as she appeared to struggle on the rack. Her sudden groaning and fidgeting had gotten their attention, but they didn’t understand what was happening as Angie’s body responded to the sensations of sexual pleasure that were now starting to surge through her.
Leaning over to whisper softly into Angie’s ear, the Colonel said. “I just programmed your new little buddies to sexually stimulate you. I can tell by your reaction that they’re functioning just fine. And by the way, on an intensity scale of 1 to 10, they’re currently set at 2.”
The feelings building within her nipples and pussy was something like she’d never felt before. Her entire body felt strangely and intensely alive with a dull throbbing sexual pleasure and desire. Even her mind seemed to be affected by the invaders. She frantically wanted to despise the feeling of being sexually turned-on by her situation, but her thoughts and her body were clearly reacting differently. Helpless against the nanites, she couldn’t stop herself from becoming more and more sexually excited with each passing second.
Turning back toward the young couple the Colonel ordered that Ashley’s hands be released, before giving Ashley her first command!
“Ashley, remove your husband’s clothes!”
Her eyes grew wide with shock and disbelief as she stood there unresponsive.
“NOW my dear! We have much to do tonight, and no time to waste.”
The words terrified her, but with the menacing guns trained directly on her and Jason, she knew she would eventually have little choice but to comply.
“Please, please, let us go. We don’t know anything about my father. We won’t tell anyone anything, I promise,” Ashley tried pleading with their captors.
“I’m going to say this only once. Speak again and you will both be wearing gags even larger than your mothers. And, if you fail to do exactly as you’re told, when you’re told to do it, it will lead to unfortunate consequences, for all of you. Am I making myself clear?”
With tears now welling in her eyes, Ashley quickly nudged her head in approval.
“Good! Now get those clothes off your husband!”
Ashley immediately walked the few steps to Jason and slowly reached for his pants with her shaking hands. She fumbled and struggled with the large button before it released. After slowly lowering his zipper, she then pulled his shirt free and began to unbutton it from the bottom. Finally reaching the top button, her terrified tear filled eyes finally met his, as she silently mouthed out, ‘I’m sorry’.
Gently nodding his head in a sympathetic response, he stood still while she released the last button and pushed his short sleeve shirt off his shoulders and down to his cuffed wrists, exposing his washboard stomach and strong chest. Being a former military man himself, he was in exceptional shape, and blessed with a smooth and nearly hairless body.
With his shirt now dangling behind him, one of the men took a long razor-sharp knife and sliced away the bunched up fabric from his wrists.
Gently kneeling down in front of him, Ashley worked the 32 inch jeans from his hips and pulled them down his muscular legs to his ankles. With a helping hand to balance Jason, Ashley was able to remove his sandals and then lift each leg in order to slide off his pants from around his feet.
Left standing in only his briefs, Ashley now knelt motionless, desperately hoping that her work as done.
“You’re not done young lady. Your husband is not naked yet my dear.”
Ashley slowly reached up to either side of his hips and slipped a finger behind the waist band of his briefs on either side. Hesitating for a moment, she finally began to slide the underwear from his shapely body. With her eyes fixed straight ahead, Ashley gasped softly as her husband’s well-endowed manhood was suddenly released from the support of his shorts.
Looking on with great anticipation, Angie was stunned and surprised by the impressive size of her son-in-law’s equipment. She often wondered about it, but discussing the size of your son-in-law’s sexual equipment wasn’t something a mother did with her daughter. But now she found herself unable to look away from his hanging manhood. She tried to look away, but her sexually charged body wouldn’t let her. And to make things even worse, the mere sight of his exposed manhood only increased her level of sexual excitement. To her emotional horror, she could now feel her body responding sexually to the view.
As soon as Ashley removed the fallen briefs from his ankles, she was pulled back to her feet by the Colonel and her hands were abruptly re-cuffed behind her. Next, one of the men quickly placed a set of ankle cuffs with a very short hobble chain around Jason’s ankles. They needed to be sure the strong young man was properly restrained before he got any ill-advised ideas!
Turning to Ashley, the Colonel said, “Nice job. Now it’s time for your husband to return the favor!”
“NO, NO, I won’t do it! You can‘t make me!” Jason yelled out.
Shaking his head and smirking, the Colonel walked over to Angie and again leaned in close to whisper in her ear. “I’m going to borrow your gag my dear. And don’t forget about those photos of your sister-in-law that I showed you earlier!”
She gently nodded her head ‘Yes’. For Angie, the dull sexual ache that now engulfed her body was thoroughly humiliating. She could feel the dampness building in her pussy as her nipples throbbed at the tips of her tits. And she knew it wouldn’t be long before the kids would be able to sense and see her arousal.
Reaching behind Angie’s head, the large orange ball gag was released and removed from her mouth. Turning to Jason, the Colonel raised the drool drenched and dripping ball gag toward Jason’s lips. And when he tried to protest, two of the soldiers quickly surprised him from behind. With the men securely holding his forehead and pulling hard on his jaw, it was easy for the Colonel to jam the slimy ball deep in his mouth. Mumbling and moaning filled the room as the large ball gag was strapped tight inside his mouth.
“Having that sloppy drool soaked ball gag in your mouth must be like French kissing your mother-in-law, huh? I bet you can taste her, can’t you? Are you enjoying that? I think she is, look at her!”


This book as an absolute must read for fans of W.L. Dowd! The Julie series was clearly just a warm up for this newest series that reaches a new level of eroticism and degradation. This first part just scratches the surface and will leave readers eagerly looking forward to seeing where this storyline goes in the future! 5 out of 5 (Jason)

Who needs Viagra when Dowd puts out a story like this! Excellent story with an amazing array of erotic and intense action. No one will be disapointed with this one. Yes, we want more, psrt two PLEASE! 5 out of 5 (trek)

Very well written, in the W. L. Dowd style. It was a bit predictable near the end, and left an unfinished opening for a follow-up volume. 4 out of 5 (Sir Kaiser)

Another fantastic journey of family and friends in hard bondage and control. I was unsure what to expect coming off the Julie series but I'm pleased to say I wasn't disapointed at all. I know I'm looking forward to a sequel or two. 5 out of 5 (slaver)

Started off slow but by the mid-point it reached a great pace. Looks like the start of another top-notch series by this author! 5 out of 5 (Eljay)

Thoroughly engaging and quite exciting, just what I've come to expect from WLDowd. It ended abruptly, clearly a 2nd book will be coming. And like most of his fans I'll be anxiously waiting. 5 out of 5 (roper)

I really enjoyed this book, and I hope there will be at least one sequel. 5 out of 5 (JBC)

The reviews to date have said it all. I just felt compelled to concur with them, and add my vote to see another book about the talistan! 5 out of 5 (Dom1)

Quite strong with an interesting storyline but very much part 1 only with more to come. 4 out of 5

LOng on BD and realy short on SM. Pretty plain vanilla story with little eroticism 3 out of 5 (pepper)

Fabulous storyline and very creative. This book is laced with hardcore B&D action and torment, and I highly recommend it. 5 out of 5

Excellent, truly enjoyed the depravity of thier situations and helpless humiliation. This author has a unique knack for family abductions and torment. Look forward to more. 5 out of 5

Very well conceived and written story. I greatly enjoyed it. Kudos to W.L. Dowd, he’s done it again. 5 out of 5 (JK)

This is a well written book and I can't wait for the next book in the series. 5 out of 5 (Chicago)

The author tries too hard to have soemthing for all tastes and fails. Good concept, poor execution. 1 out of 5

  Author reply: I'm disappointed to read this review. I do try and write quickly paced books that keeps one excitedly and eagerly wondering what's on the next page. I will keep this comment in mind as I write the sequel. Thank you for your candid comments.

Loved this series and look forward to more 5 out of 5 (ojim)

Good story. Interesting and thoughtful. Well done. 4 out of 5 (Fred)

An interesting beginning to what appears to be an fascinating series. I will keep reading. 4 out of 5 (Stark47)

External Reviews

Not for the faint of heart. Very graphic and detailed non-consenual sexual acts. Well written and well thought out story. I am wondering if there will be a sequel. The product description is very accurate so I will not recap the book. I will say though, I didn't care for the numerous scenes where the mother, the daughter and the son-in-law are abused in front of each other and made to watch each other's sexual torture. (Kindle - beachbaby)

Author Information

A multiple award winning author whose 30+ years of enthusiasm and experience with bondage and domination will stimulate your deepest and darkest fantasies. Using my unusually wild and vivid imagination for tormenting sexual domination, deep humiliation and unrelenting pleasures, I write for the enjoyment of my loyal readers. So, please take a moment to rate my books and drop a quick review, it motivates my writing! And as always, comments, feedback or just a quick note to say 'hi' is ALWAYS WELCOME at


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