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LIP SYNCH 1 (drkfetyshnyghts)

LIP SYNCH 1 by drkfetyshnyghts

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    • Average 4.1 from 8 ratings

A complex journey of epic proportions for a woman and her offspring. That journey starting many years ago with her escaping from something terrible.

Claudia Raynes, is as successful in the City as she is stunning and she has been voted businesswoman of the year for the last four years. She lives an ecstatically happy, privileged life just her, and her teenage twins Tammi and Troy. Claudia is spotted one night by the man with no name and his acutely capable sidekick Leah, a light skinned woman of colour, an accomplished sadist who uses advanced methods to bring her victims into line. She can uncover and bring the past back to haunt even the strongest woman and then she can twist the mind, just that little bit more. Both the man with no name and Leah have no qualms in using a victim's offspring to further and deepen the torment and anxiety for the main subject, and this is done with an advanced fetish tinged cruelty that is delivered casually, and chillingly. It is also delivered completely, and utterly.

Years ago Claudia Raynes thought she had escaped the nightmare from the past. Little did she know that that nightmare was simply the appetiser to what was to follow her into later life. Ms Raynes would not be able to escape a second time and the twins would never be the same again.

This is a series bordering genres of crime, sexuality, fetish and BDSM like never before. There is forensic, minute, intimate detail that makes one shiver. A page turner in the truest sense.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2013

No. words: 43454

Style: Gay/Lesbian Bondage/BDSM, Bondage/BDSM Thrillers

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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As dark, devilish and devastating as usual from this author! 5 out of 5 (Eljay)

  Author reply: Hi - and many thanks for your kind comments. I am trying to surpass myself with each and every release.

If you like this author's books you will like this one. Keeps the same story idea of previous books but very strong. 4 out of 5

  Author reply: Many thanks for your kind words - I do tend to write from th world I inhabit - although my intentions are to venture into new domains in 2013. watch out for the conclusion of this series first.

Very hot , sulking, seductive and arrousing. Loved it! 5 out of 5 (TrickyB)

Another phycological treatise which adds nothing to a promising story. The idea is good but I don't care for the use of 5 paragraphs of exposition where 1 is cleaner, clearer and moves the story along. I doubt I will buy the the rest of the series. With some editing these three books could probably make one really good book. 2 out of 5

Author Information

\\\"DrkFetyshNyghts writes her hard hitting stories almost as crime novels. The BDSM, the Fetish and the Bondage being the crimes along with the impunity with which the perpetrators operate. This, together with an autobiographical feel and forensic attention to detail, adds a distinctly jagged and disturbing edge to the narrative.\\\"

Hello there, as above, I am a 39 year old Lady writer and I have a \\\'thing\\\' for latex, nylons and heels... all wrapped up in dark brooding bdsm and extreme control (mostly lesbian though not exclusively so). Forced orgasms. Orgasm denial.. and debilitating mental cruelty. I enjoy exploring the dark side and within stories can revel in the no safe words morality. Please visit me at


Publisher Information

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