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A Wife Betrayed (Robert Newman)

A Wife Betrayed by Robert Newman


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    • Average 3.7 from 3 ratings

Darren and Louise have been married a few years, but have never really connected, at least not in a sexual way. Darren’s job is OK, but they do not have much spare money for life’s comfort, when he tells her he is in line for promotion, and they have been invited to dinner at his boss Doug’s big house out of town.

Once there, both dressed in their smartest clothes to impress the boss, they meet Melissa, Doug’s wife, a beautiful and self-assured woman who seems to have everything she wants in life. Dinner is pleasant, if a little stiff, but afterwards Doug suddenly grabs Louise and a pad is pressed across her mouth. When she awakes she is secured to a St Andrew’s cross.

Pleading for help from Darren, she then finds out that the reason Darren never showed much interest in her was that he craved – really craved – a woman who would take control, beat him, mistreat him and abuse him. He was a closet submissive and Melissa fitted the bill as his ideal woman.

So Louise could expect no help from Darren. What she didn’t realise at that point was that Darren, in his craving to be owned by Mel, had committed Louise herself as an unwilling slave to Doug, who proceeds to fuck her as she is tied to the cross, watched and encouraged by Mel and Darren. Louise fights and struggles but escape is impossible.

Over the next few days she is trained by Mel and Doug, and brutally punished for any transgressions. When Darren and Doug go out to work, she is left alone in the charge of Mel, and is made to succumb to her sexual advances. But gradually a change comes over her. Mel’s experience and sheer eroticism are far more exciting than anything Darren had ever been able to offer, she and her slavery get gradually less abhorrent, though she hates the pain elements.

She is put through a series of trials and humiliations, finally being the centrepiece of a very strange party…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2007

No. words: 31500

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Close your eyes,” he said quietly.
“What are you going to do?” she shivered despite the heat.
“Don’t you trust me?” he asked, that annoying smile still there.
Play carefully, Louise, she thought. “Well, yes, of course I trust you, but....”
“Then close your eyes. Because I asked you to.”
Louise looked at believable eyes and she sighed.
And she closed her eyes.
“Keep them closed,” he told her. “I won’t be a sec.”
She heard him moving about to her left, then heard his footsteps approach her again.
Then all hell broke loose. A strong arm grabbed her around the waist and she felt something soft and scented go across her mouth. She struggled, but he’d caught her totally unawares. And whatever was on the pad across her mouth was making her dizzy, making her head swim and refusing to let her co-ordinate her limbs. Slowly she sank into his arms, right at the edge of consciousness.
Louise had no idea how long she was out. She came to slowly, seeing the same dining room before her, as if nothing had changed. Except it had. She was standing, her legs apart and her arms, for some reason she couldn’t yet make out, spread high above her head. And Doug was still smiling at her from a few feet away.
As she surfaced from the chloroform, she realised that her arms and legs were attached to some kind of X shaped cross, padded with cushioned leather. She tugged at her arms, looking up to see she’d been secured with white ropes that didn’t look as though they’d give way easily.
“What the hell’s going on?” she started, but Doug gripped her chin roughly and held her still.
“You’re tied to the cross, you stupid slut,” he sneered at her, releasing her chin.
“Darren! Darren! Help!” she screamed at the top of her voice, but Doug just smiled. “Where’s Darren?” she asked angrily.
Maybe Mel had been listening at the door, or maybe there was some secret signal, but as Louise watched, the door opened again and Mel walked in. Behind her, his head shrouded in a black leather hood that only had holes for eyes, followed a man. He was almost naked, just clad in a tight pair of leather shorts and a tight tee shirt. Around his neck was a thick, studded collar, from which came what looked like a dog leash. Mel held the loop loosely in her left hand.
“Darren?” Louise asked weakly, realising from his familiar appearance that it was him, yet scarcely able to believe that this woman had overcome him so easily. She was slim and elegant, whereas Darren was strong and hefty, so how....?
“Did someone call?” Mel asked, the same smile playing at the corners of her mouth.
“Darren?” Louise repeated.
Mel walked further into the room, dragging Darren with her by the leash.
“Of course it’s Darren, bitch!” she spat as she approached. “Don’t you even recognise your own husband?”
“Darren, help me,” Louise pleaded. “Get me out of here.”
The eyes behind the mask met hers briefly but looked away again at once.
“Darren isn’t going to help you,” Mel assured her. “Nobody is going to help you.”
“What the hell do you want?” Louise started, but was immediately cut short by Mel’s stinging slap across her face.
“Silence!” she barked. “You will speak only when spoken to.”
With mounting dread, Louise realised Doug was unfastening his trousers.
“Excuse me, darling,” he said to Mel as he approached them, his erection all too obvious.
He stopped in front of Louise while Mel pulled Darren a couple of places backwards. “On the floor, slave,” she told him, and he quickly took up a kneeling position at her feet as she pulled a dining chair round and sat on it.
Doug’s hand reached for the front of Louise’s dress, lifting the hem over her outspread thighs until the tops of her stockings and all of her pubic area, highlighted rather than hidden by her tiny panties, were on full view. He pulled them aside briefly, exploring her as she screamed out her protest, pulling wildly at her bonds. Then he was there, leaning into her, holding his cock in one hand as he took aim and pushed into her with a sudden thrust that took her breath away.
The sex was brutal - the way he intended it. Her cries and screams just amused him - and Mel too come to that - and he used his pelvis as a battering ram, hurting her with the roughness of each stroke, jerking her head up and down as his thrusts lifted her, sometimes taking her feet clear of the floor, as far as her bonds allowed.
When her screams started to annoy him, he pushed his hand over her mouth and held it there. Only once did she bite at it, her reward being a back-hand slap across her face.
In the end she just stayed there, tossed and jostled like a rag doll as he fucked her hard, and her eyes looked down at Darren as she tried to repeat his name and he steadfastly refused to look at her.
After a few minutes Mel stood, leaving Darren where he was, and picked up one of the steak knives. Louise looked in horror, truly believing her time had come, but Mel moved to her husband’s right side and inserted the knife behind the hem of Louise’s skirt. Doug didn’t change his rhythm as she pulled upwards, slicing Louise’s best dress until it was split from hem to neck, then pulling it aside to give her husband access to Louise’s body. She didn’t stop there, instead choosing to cut the shoulders too, so she could pull the tattered dress away and toss it aside. When that was done she cut away her bra and thong, leaving her naked apart from her shoes, stockings and suspenders.
A grateful Doug took his hand away from her face and mauled her breasts roughly as Mel Put her head between her and Doug and kissed him deeply as he continued to rape her, then she broke away and resumed her seat next to Darren.
Louise was sobbing now, tears running down her cheeks and dropping coldly onto her breasts. She kept staring, when she was able, at Darren, trying to understand why he didn’t react, why he didn’t wade in and attack Doug for doing this to his wife.
In the end she decided that somehow Mel had drugged him. That gave her hope that he’d come to before too long and they’d be able to escape and get back to normality.
Doug’s tempo and power increased until the bonds holding Louise’s ankles to the cross were cutting into her legs. He was breathing like a horse and Louise realised he was going to come inside her, something only Darren had ever done before.
“No, please,” she tried for one last time, but Doug went rigid and she felt him pumping into her very depths. He was gasping, calling her degrading names and still jerking within her.
Eventually he flopped out and all she felt was the relief of warm, wet emptiness, thanking God it was over at last.

Author Information

I'm a publlished mainstream author who also lives the BDSM lifestyle. It makes life very interesting, especially when people ask for advice they assume I have. Which suits me just fine!

This allows me to base many of my stories and books directly on real life, with the participants' names changed or disguised for their protection.


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