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Anniversary Delights (Charmbrights)

Anniversary Delights by Charmbrights

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In the sixth of the `Delights` series His Magnificence, the Emir Mahmoud Abdullah, may he live for ever, the young Emir of Kobekistan had been on the throne in the Golden Palace, centre piece of the Triple Palace, Ruby, Gold and Emerald, for almost ten years now; his faithful courtiers decided that the tenth anniversary of his succession should be celebrated in some style. Many ideas were mooted, and finally a plan was passed to the Emir for his approval.

The plan that was put before the Emir was simplicity itself. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of his accession the Emir would be pleased to accept a new concubine into the Golden Palace harem and create for her a title, Special Concubine to the Emir. The judging would be performed by the Emir himself and there would be a series of semi-public tests of all the women. He would consider each candidate in turn and would award marks for her looks and deportment, for her ability to accept punishment, and for a demonstration of her skill at pleasuring a man without being penetrated.

The top four entrants would participate in the semi-finals during which marks would be added for the woman`s grace and elegance and the Emir`s pleasure during her public defloration. Finally, the two top women would each spend a night with the Emir and the winner would be announced.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 07 / 2007

No. words: 35500

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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During the competition each contestant would be required to walk round the outer edge of the Throne Room unaccompanied, in her abaya. Then she would be required to remove the all-obscuring garment and to parade again, dressed in anything the contestant chose, or nothing if that were their choice. Then she would again don the abaya and the next contestant would do the same routine. Finally all the girls would strip naked so that they could be closely examined by the Emir for physical defects. That would conclude the first day.
For the fourth round, the ability to take punishment there were three choices, six strokes of the dog whip, three strokes of the birch or two strokes of the bastinado. In addition to the decreasing number of strokes for the more effective instruments, the scoring would also be skewed. For the dog whip the maximum points would be six; for the birch, nine; and for the bastinado, ten. Marks would be deducted for any excess of movement, of noise, or for failure to count strokes. Refusing any strokes would automatically reduce the score for that round to zero. After some protests, the rule on counting was relaxed because several of the potential entrants came from houses where that was not practised.
In the fifth round, the contestants in pairs simultaneously would be allowed one hour to give pleasure, in public, to the Emir in any way they chose which did not involve penetration. No points scores or rankings would be announced during the first five rounds, because the Emir did not want any serious arguments to break out.
For the semi-final the four women would be deflowered, again in public, by the Emir. This would not be a simple ritual defloration. The competitor would be expected to make a big production of arousing the Emir, displaying and offering herself, arousing herself and then arranging herself as she saw fit for the final act, the penetration. Points would be gained for an artistic performance. Any entrant found not to be a virgin at the defloration stages would be disqualified, subjected to female circumcision, have her vagina sewn almost totally shut and be sold as a field slave. Needless to say, her sponsor would be disgraced utterly.
The final, over two nights would be twelve hours in the bedroom of the Emir, when the two finalists would have every opportunity to persuade the Emir, by any means they chose, to award them the first prize.
During the period of the competition the women would stay in the harem of the Emerald Palace which would be opened specially for the purpose, and each contestant could be accompanied by one eunuch from her Master’s harem. After the competition the losers who had not been disqualified would be taken into the Golden Palace harem, with all but one of the girls acting as hostesses for the Emir’s visitors from time to time. The winner would be effectively head concubine, inferior only to the Emir’s wives. The one girl not going to the Emir’s Harem would be given to the winner of the Guests’ competition as a prize.

The Earl and Countess of Bargoed were the next arrivals and they took up residence when they landed from England. Naturally, they requested a concubine on the first night, though they did not specify which, and concubine number two was supplied. She had not been properly briefed and assumed that the Countess was another concubine brought in by the Earl.
When she asked, ~ What does the old goat like? ~ the Countess flew into a rage at the disrespect and number two found herself unaccountably over a whipping bench with the added indignity of being shackled for her punishment.
Hiss … CRACK!
The Countess herself laid into her with a riding crop and this was not held back. She managed to keep silent for the first stroke, and then offered, ~ One, Master. Thank you Master. ~
This further incensed the Countess who snarled, “In English, worm!”
Hiss … CRACK!
After the second blow she made another mistake in saying, ~ It is forbidden for a woman to flog. ~
The Earl intervened and said, “You are being flogged by a man. His Magnificence, the Emir Mahmoud Abdullah, may he live for ever, has so decreed.”
Hiss … CRACK!
Finally the concubine realised that she was making a lot of mistakes and said, “Three, Master. Thank you Master.”
“That was number two. You didn’t count one of them,” came the contralto voice of the Countess.
Dropping the riding crop she took up a multi-tailed whip.
Sississis … CRACKACKACK!
The concubine screamed in agony as nine tails struck her already well striped globes, turning the whole area into a mass of bruises interspersed with spots of blood where the whip tracks crossed the riding crop bruises.
Sississis … CRACKACKACK!
The next blow, delivered again with all the power the Countess could muster, fell entirely on the upper thighs, rendering them into a patchwork of black and red agony. Her screams were prolonged and all thought of counting was forgotten as she almost fainted from the pain.
The Earl intervened to placate his wife, and almost suffered a blow himself. Concubine number two was taken away and number seven, better briefed on the couple she was to serve, replaced her for their pleasure that night.

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Charmbrights is an accomplished author - now exclusively published by Fiction4All. Writing anything from wonderfully tantalising erotica to bdsm practices, Charm brings charm and pain in equal measure!


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Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres.

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