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18.  Barbaria - Book 1 - Victor Bruno

19.  Degrading Lady Adelaide - Abel

20.  Barbaria - Book 2 - Victor Bruno


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Hannah`s Humiliation - Ex-wives 8 - 2nd Edition

    • Average 4.1 from 14 ratings
      • This has to be the best so far in a very good series of extremely hard
        BDSM stories. Ex-wives, in my opinion, deserve all that's coming to
        them and Greg Dawson never disappoints. More please Mr Stryker - the
        revenge has only just begun!  5 out of 5  (Hardman)
      • A great tale of a bitch's comeuppance. Revenge done right. Great sex,
        good tale. Thanks!  5 out of 5
      • Rises to Stryker's usual standards.. Recommend highly.  5 out of 5 

More By This Author

Hannah`s Humiliation - Ex-wives 8 - 2nd Edition

Richard Stryker

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Click Here For All Books In This Series

Genres: Male Dom - M/F

Greg Dawson snatches Hannah Williams and then introduces her to his own branmd of sexual pleasures, on the instructions of her ex-husband, Peter.

Her time with Dawson includes enforced orgasms, enforced oral sex, whipping, caning, flogging, piercing and other BDSM related activities - all graphically described in Stryker`s inimitable way.

A truly sex-packed, hard bdsm novel.

Ebook Price: $4.95

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Paperback price: $8.54

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Sarah Pye Learns Her Lesson

    • Average 4.3 from 3 ratings

More By This Author

Sarah Pye Learns Her Lesson

Sylvester Horne

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/M

After celebrating her eighteenth birthday with a three-day binge of drink, dancing and casual sex, Sarah Pye ends up in the garden of Mill House where the owner, Vincent Grindstone asks her to move in with him. Having nothing better to do, she agrees.

But hes not all he seems, he setting about training her to be totally obedient. He then reveals he is a pimp running a string of high-class whores and dominatrixes and gives her little choice but to become one.

She takes to her new career like a duck to water, happily setting about thrashing wealthy clients.

Ebook Price: $5.45

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The Chastener

    • Average 3.9 from 9 ratings

More By This Author

The Chastener

Hector McIntyre

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F

Lord Rockharte was a tyrant living in England in the olden days. A powerful man who forced his tenants to pay their taxes on time. When they could not do so, he would accept a fair maiden in lieu for his own pleasure up at his castle. There she would be introduced to The Chastener - the thing all the villagers knew about and feared.

This story contains branding, whipping, thrashing and lots of sexual activity involving young women at the hands of a dastardly master of pain, his tax collectors and the castle guards.

Ebook Price: $4.95

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The Iscarions - Part 1 - Initiation

    • Average 4.4 from 15 ratings
      • I loved this story. The plot is a quirky twist to some other great
        theories but I liked it. The sex, the initiation and the aftermath in
        the bondage dungeon were very descrptive and kept me reading to the
        end - which has a nice twist to it and means I will definitely get the
        next part when it comes out.  5 out of 5  (VMcD)
      • First time I`ve encountered this author.
        I think this is well written and there is a good plot which I found
        interesting and enjoyable. The sex scenes are really good and there
        are enough open ends for the next story in the series to go almost
        anywhere.   5 out of 5  (RDS)
      • Axiom's first Iscarions book, Initiation intriduces us to a secret
        organization that is part religious cult and part BDSM club.  Founded
        by Judas Iscariat himself, the society preserves the truth about the
        Christian messiah.  Racheal is already a member of the organization
        and, after a weekend with Charles, she is convinced that he is one of
        the signs of the appointed hour, the Guardian Protector, a man capable
        of giving true liberation to women.  Take a little Dan Brown, mis in
        some hot BDSM erotica, and you have Iscarions book 1.  Admittedly the
        plot is weak, but the eritoc scenes are good enough to make up for any
        lack there.  Don't worry about the story much, just ride along for
        some great sex and BDSM.  You'll not regret it.
          5 out of 5
      • Wonderfully interwoven with current events. A real page turner!  5 out
        of 5
      • fantastic story can't wait to read the next part   5 out of 5 

More By This Author

The Iscarions - Part 1 - Initiation


Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Click Here For All Books In This Series

Genres: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Fantasy

Welcome to the Iscarions - a sect where women learn to find total sexual freedom at the hands of their masters, and the masters can be VERY dominant.

Initiation and graduation rites are hard rites to sexually endure for the young girls, but the reward for success is great.

Ebook Price: $5.00

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