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1.  Rosemary's Jungle Torture - Martin Hughes

2.  Enslaving His Maid - Roger Doyle

3.  Jenny Polo Book Two: Captive of Lilliput - Adriana Arden

4.  TRAINING LIBBY - drkfetyshnyghts

5.  The Checkpoint - Simon Grail


1.  TRAINING LIBBY - drkfetyshnyghts

2.  Plantation Pony Tales - Katherine Forbes

3.  Ponygirls in Space : An Illustrated story - Simon Grail

4.  The Submissive Housewife - Argus

5.  More Masters For Hannah - Argus

6.  Princess In Chains - Commander James Bondage

7.  Three Tales of Bondage Justice - J.M. Sauvage

8.  Hannah and Mr. Masters - Argus

9.  Shameless - Argus

10.  The Valley And The Vicar's Daughter - Michaela Francis

11.  Last Of The Summer Cane - Michaela Francis

12.  Blonde Girl, Black School - Argus

13.  Enslaving His Maid - Roger Doyle

14.  Charisma's Conversion - Peter King

15.  Gerda's Initiation - Jim E Dickson

16.  Mrs. Driscoll's Enslavement - W.L. Dowd

17.  The Taming Of A Princess - Commander James Bondage

18.  Broken To The Harem - A.C. Fresnell

19.  The Manor And The Maiden Bound - Michaela Francis

20.  Jenny Polo Book Two: Captive of Lilliput - Adriana Arden


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U.p.s.s - 2nd Edition

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Sylvester Horne455005.45Male Dom - M/F
Fem Dom - F/F
Uncharted Seas - Dangerous Lands

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Sylvester Horne445005.45Fem Dom - F/M
SciFi BDSM/Bondage
Uncommon Beauty

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Diana Philbrick527997.95Bondage/BDSM Fantasy
Male Dom - M/F
Under Control

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Victor Bruno350007.00Fem Dom - F/M
Sex Slavery / Training
Under His Thumb

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Argus311895.95Male Dom - M/F
Under The Lash

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Vashti la Soeur400007.00Fem Dom - F/M
Male Dom - M/M
Under the Mistletoe

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Anara Delight121073.25Bondage/BDSM and Romance
Bondage/BDSM Short Stories
Under Two Masters

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Passion St. John300005.95Spanking and Bondage
General Erotica
Undercover Ho

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Paul Brody150363.95Fem Dom - F/M
Bondage/BDSM Thrillers
Sex Slavery / Training
Undercover Slave Girl

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Argus576507.50Male Dom - M/F
Sex Slavery / Training
Undercover White Slave

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Martin Hughes806008.95Male Dom - M/F
Sex Slavery / Training

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Mark Andrews350007.00Male Dom - M/F
Sex Slavery / Training

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drkfetyshnyghts674277.95Fem Dom - F/F
Bondage/BDSM Fantasy
Unlimited Exchange Activity

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Kathy Britton590007.95Bondage/BDSM and Humor
Young Adult Bondage/BDSM

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Vanessa London450006.95Fem Dom - F/M
Sex Slavery / Training
Unusual Training

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Anonymous260006.00Male Dom - M/F
Sex Slavery / Training
Unveiling The Goddess Within - Part 1

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LittleOne736006.95Male Dom - M/F
Sex Slavery / Training
Unveiling The Goddess Within - Part 2

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LittleOne649556.95Male Dom - M/F
Sex Slavery / Training
Unwilling Conversion

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Tina Long350007.00Fem Dom - F/F
Male Dom - M/F
Use Me!

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Jim Armstrong535006.95Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual BDSM
Fem Dom - F/M
Utterly Humiliated

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Scarlet Scorpio93272.45Bondage/BDSM Fetishes
Male Dom - M/F

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