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1.  TRAINING LIBBY - drkfetyshnyghts

2.  The Manor And The Maiden Bound - Michaela Francis

3.  The Valley And The Vicar's Daughter - Michaela Francis

4.  Good Breeding - Katherine Forbes

5.  Courtney's Boring Life - Argus


1.  TRAINING LIBBY - drkfetyshnyghts

2.  The Submissive Housewife - Argus

3.  Plantation Pony Tales - Katherine Forbes

4.  Ponygirls in Space : An Illustrated story - Simon Grail

5.  More Masters For Hannah - Argus

6.  Hannah and Mr. Masters - Argus

7.  Princess In Chains - Commander James Bondage

8.  Shameless - Argus

9.  The Valley And The Vicar's Daughter - Michaela Francis

10.  Charisma's Conversion - Peter King

11.  Last Of The Summer Cane - Michaela Francis

12.  Three Tales of Bondage Justice - J.M. Sauvage

13.  Blonde Girl, Black School - Argus

14.  Gerda's Initiation - Jim E Dickson

15.  The Taming Of A Princess - Commander James Bondage

16.  Mrs. Driscoll's Enslavement - W.L. Dowd

17.  Broken To The Harem - A.C. Fresnell

18.  Hannah And The Masters - Argus

19.  Rebellion - Diana Philbrick

20.  Trapped Princess - Part 1 - Commander James Bondage


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23rd June 2017



The Manor And The Maiden Bound

More By This Author

Julie and Jennifer's Adventures Continue!

The Manor And The Maiden Bound

Michaela Francis

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Genres: Erotic Domination - F/F, Erotic Domination - M/F, Male Dom - M/F

Life has been confusing for Jennifer since her exile in Mathomdale as she is torn between the excitement of her beloved Julie and the darker passions of Baxter's whip. Now, however, a more serious matter has arisen. The young girl has come to the notice of the formidable Lady Mathom; the fabulously rich and enigmatic matriarch who is the real power in the valley. Jennifer is invited to visit the vast edifice of Mathom Hall to meet this strange, almost mythical figure, with no idea of why the woman should take such an interest in her.

Ebook Price: $7.95

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The Black Swann Event

More By This Author

The Black Swann Event

Jamie Abrams

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Genres: Erotic Domination - M/F, Interracial Bondage/BDSM, Interracial Erotica

Zahra Swann and Ben Haselzweig are both assistant professors seeking tenure. Zahra, a gorgeous African-American woman, is a rising star who makes a name for herself rallying for the correct causes. Ben, a wounded veteran teaching military history, is the faculty ideological pariah.

Ebook Price: $5.49

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