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1.  Julie - Cruelly Bound And Enslaved - W.L. Dowd

2.  Captured, Enslaved, Trained And Sold At Auction - W.L. Dowd

3.  Julie - Bound And Sold - W.L. Dowd

4.  Julie's Abduction Nightmare - W.L. Dowd

5.  The Bondage Community - W.L. Dowd


1.  Families Enslaved by the Sultan - Part 2 - W.L. Dowd

2.  FULL CRY - drkfetyshnyghts

3.  The Tamed Feminist - Argus

4.  Caged in the Bayou - Diana Philbrick

5.  The Racing Of Jayne - Martin McRae

6.  A sting in her Tales - Simon Grail

7.  The Club On Dorado Cay - Aubrey Wylde

8.  Out of Her Class - Argus

9.  Families Enslaved by the Sultan - W.L. Dowd

10.  MILK - H. Dean

11.  White Slave, Black Whip - Amalfi West

12.  Punishment Day On Dorado Cay - Aubrey Wylde

13.  Naked Cargo - Victor Bruno

14.  A Summer In Chains - Diana Philbrick

15.  The Training Of Jayne - Book 2 - Martin McRae

16.  The Taming Of Julia - Victor Bruno

17.  The Training Of Jayne - Book 1 - Martin McRae

18.  Escape From Dorado Cay - Aubrey Wylde

19.  Blackmailed Into Submission - Book 1 - DeAnna Sodus


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22nd May 2018



Military Discipline

More By This Author

Military Discipline

Keith Reynolds

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F

The three Vietnam vets were in a bad way when Dr Powell was brought in to try and rescue their sanity.

With a little help from the military, the good doctor recreates the men’s Vietcong prison and then brings in the women who helped torture them so the men can take their revenge.

The women are now themselves made to suffer by their past victims and, against all the odds, the therapy slowly begins to work.

Dr Powell’s methods might have seemed unorthodox but they worked - and along the way, a good many people managed to get some sexual pleasure out of the suffering.

Ebook RRP: $5.95

Today: $5.06

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Women s Prison

More By This Author

Women's Prison

James Nash

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

A holiday in the Far East goes horribly wrong for the innocent and virginal Jane, supposedly caught with illegal contraband in her luggage.

She is sentenced to be caned by the judiciary’s own ‘executioner’ and then interred in the women’s prison, where anything goes.

The discipline is harsh, merciless and terrifying and there is the additional deep humiliation to accompany it as Jane finds her body is no longer her own, to cover and use as she wishes.

Ebook RRP: $5.95

Today: $5.06

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Angel s Continuing Enslavement

More By This Author

Angel's Continuing Enslavement

Jay Aress

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Click Here For All Books In This Series

Genres: Male Dom - M/F, SciFi BDSM/Bondage

On her eighteenth birthday Angel is visited by slavers from the future, loses her virginity and is taken by time machine to Earth's distant past when life only existed in the sea and where slave-girls have been put to work and serve Masters and Mistresses for almost a thousand years. She is injected with a substance which makes her immortal, never to grow old or lose her beauty and so begins her new life as a slave.

Ebook RRP: $5.95

Today: $5.06

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Teacher s Assistant

More By This Author

Teacher's Assistant


Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes

Sandy was looking for a TA job for her senior year to give her more time and money. Her roommate, Brooke, was looking for a TA job that would enrich her sex life with a professor or two. But, fate gave them each the opposite.

Sandy found that the TA positon with Professor Michael Gerard was more than the normal help with his students’ grades and schedules. It was desperation on her part that drove her to seduction to secure the last TA position, but Michael thought it should be submission that would secure it for her.

Ebook Price: $3.99

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Woman in Charge I

More By This Author

Woman in Charge I

Heather Lynx

Click For Book Page and Excerpt

Genres: Fem Dom - F/M, Fem Dom - F/F

He Learned Who Was in Charge — The Hard Way!

Shelby Pendragon is a beautiful woman who wants power and control in her marriage. From the way that Shelby manipulates him, her husband Carter acknowledges that he is pussy whipped - but he's not complaining.

Shelby seduces her husband, and gets him to agree to try some bondage. Having physical control of him, she offers him the option of a threesome if he agrees to her condition that she is in charge of what they do, what he wears and their sex life.

Ebook Price: $4.99

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